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is the first Discoverer in the world to identify the cause of Alzheimer’s disease, the cure of Alzheimer’s disease, the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. In a short time will be put on the net, in Englisch, the Scientific protocol


” Another ”success” that throughout the world is continually manifestaded. Edgar Jofre two-time world champion, the greatest Brazilian boxer of all time, years 79 in 2016, suffering of Alzheimer’s disease and the degeneration of senile dementia of the central nervous system it has now been cured  by serious deterioration and deficit of neuro-cognitive degeneration, through the scientific Protocol of this research-study for the benefit of humanity.

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Alzheimer ‘s disease

A workbook to Accompany Alzheimer ‘s disease


Photographs by Todd Heisler – Shows sinhs of Alzheimer ‘s disease into a more advanced case .

All rights reserved . No part of this pubblication May Be Reproduced or Transmitted in any form by any means clustering , electronic or mechanical , Including photocopy , recording , or any information storage or retrieval system , without permission in writing from Author.

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New ways of education, treatment, prevention , regenerative mechanisms of activation of the central nervous system

Canada , Montreal , September 2010


Warning to readers

I want to warn people, research institutes, or institutions specializing in the etiological ” knowledge” of the disease Alzhaimer these pages that will be sent on request and free, voluntary , generous donation to understand my therapeutic journey. They represent the exact SYNTESE the precise RESUME, a long, tiring and expensive golf scientific research.

Performed for 10 years working all over the world with my specialized multidiscplinaire team of scientists, collaborators, accadémiciens .

This “scientific summary ” made by myself is characterized for semplicity of explanation. All this to facilitate and encourage immediate and certe ” interpretive ” system of concepts based my scientific and therapeutic approach . Academic original work is more difficil understanding because the principles of semantic clynique deeply doctrinal .

But in this ” summary ” which is the projection of my cognitive process , the system of my mind for the care and prevention of disease Alzhaimer is the same compared to the original test of psycho- biology.

Since I carefully summarized the key issues , evaluations and answers me and my man of science was sought group and translated into the procedural and analytical complexity :

³ Asks Questions

³ Defines terms and concepts and Accurately precisaly

³ Examines the available evidence

³ Analyzes Assumptions and Biases

³ Avoid oversimplification

³ Defines and examined emotional reasoning

³ CONSIDERS alternative interpretations

Tolerates uncertainty ³ When evidence is inconclusive

In the Following pages you Will Find Their answers .

It have consequences in the real world .



Without much discussion with semantic circumlocutions for most incomprehensible people , I show you from the beginning a strong characterizations of stem cells scattered in our central nervous system , on which is my new perspective for the treatment of ” disease of Alzheimer ”

Which offers a new perspective even at the prevention of disease

Since they are the strategic centrality of my school Térapeutique I desire immediately draw attention to important new scientific knowledge that define their characteristics.


1) The stem cells are present and are scattered throughout our adult brain ( Gace , 2002 on vertebrates and Goldman, 2003 , on the human being )

2) These stem cells present in our CNS can generate specialized neuronal cells dopaminoénergétiques that the same functions of neurons

3) Continuing the process of differentiation ” specialized ” neural dopaminoénergétique , they ” run ” to the neuronal damaged area to ” replace ” the functions of the tissue

they belong to the neurons “dead” victims of Alzheimer ‘s disease D’

4) One more reason , fantastic, extraordinary characterization of the genetic background of stem cells ( stem cells ) is that including protein, present in them, and perform the function to pick up signals from outside

5 ) Proteins containing this role , they grow not only the cells to differentiate but they grow the same cell to respond to such signals

These are ” the laws of ” nature ” of the functioning of central nervous system of the human being

So far I have not only illuminated the role played by neuronal excitation obtained by the introduction of endorphins and dopamine .

The essential role of the humiliation of the SUPER -EGO causing devastating toxic assaults in the onset of Alzheimer’s disease .

I used that “nature” gave me the ” self-healing ” of neuronal function , to build my practice of therapeutic treatment using the e prevention ” laws of compensatory Neurogenetics ”

Appointed by me and my studious Contributors: Technical ” of indution in synaptogenesis ”

On the plan comparison languages I agree with doctrinaire deep gratification scientific observations and demonstrations of two of my colleagues, prof. H. MIZOGUCHI e Machiko Matsumoto of Health Science University of Hokkaido, Ishikari , which together with other two prof. Kiguchi e H. NAGASE during their involvement in international seminars neuroscience have they made progress “scientific reinterpretation ” directly following my guidance and my directive .

With these scientific contributions – for the moment – my therapeutic school was made the first vital momentum in the same scientific currents that drive its success on this – called ” insoignabilité ” of Alzheimer’s disease

PS If you have the need and intention to receive the full account of this world first work very clear and obvious success on the insoignabilité ‘s disease Alzhaimer e / o on prevention, you can click the button below


Our DIRECTORATE GENERAL WHO met all the progress of research carried out by multinational us man of science – related groups will send you CANADA , in Italian, the full protocol ( approximately 50 pages), activation achieved , in the CNS, the stem cells dispersed in the adult brain . This activation is already scientifically verified through specific therapeutic induction technique in synaptogenesis .

NOTES : A donation of any discount (without estoppels or limits) we can send you the full report of the Protocol instruction to defeat Alzheimer’s disease e / or how to prevent it

But in any case you are asked to be as generous to encourage work , the researchers who devote their lives only to studies and research ” for the benefit of humanity.”



All life in its genetic and / or morphological characteristic is linked to specific benefits of adaptations.

Even inside the laboratories we had now confirmed this.

21 years of testing bacteria ” Escerica al ” grown

the University of Michigan , they produced about twenty thousand generations , 41 mutations.

It is the requirement of adaptation. The adjustment mechanism is functional protection requirements .

This phenomenon , which established a link between adaptation

and protection requirements was observed by Yokoyama and colleagues making a comparison between the ” lepidopus ficthi ” or sword fish , which is a deep sea fish with other fish area .

The mutation that caused the sensitivity to blue because it is checked – in chain amino acids is lost evolutionarily a molecule ( 86me ) one of da function involved in the protein view .

In the ” Time ” and ” Space” as lecerveau to see the light thanks to this dimension of creative activity that usually generically and is conceptualized with the name of “Nature”

Having acquired scientifically cognition – limited by the philosophy – pathological “the way the brain ” in its endogenous characterization is subject to two incomparable fantastic pulse genesis autoattributive .

In which the centrality of compulsion ” repeat ” itself is based, holds, develops , if it exceeds the quantum validation of the “law of value ” and the “law of survival.”

To verify the biological aspect “hold” e “overshoot ” – ie actually ” transmutation and evolutionism ” – just seen in any museum of Anthropology the appalling autoevolutions of mankind, exhibited in the museum.

As in several frames temporally located , now we have before our yeaux only heads of dead Spectrals that in a terrible human composition games directly evoke the tragic loneliness of such evolutionary

“Behind ” the heads of the dead , not only was there human beings who now bend their own metatemporale window to ” disrupt ” the seed , but sourtout there is an extraordinary source for ” enlarge ” and advise a deeper and actual organization of scientific thought on the basis of energy assumptions of pyicobiologique induction life.


In miliards years of néuroistocompositive response primairement requested ( step- to- step) by any form of life existing on the planet, it is created and made – in – one carrying them same neurological structure , instrumental to the achievement its same functionality requirement .

In the field of action, through a series of processing the ” specialized cells ” they are open to life by forming into different characters involved in tissue differentiation.

This ” feature ” is characteristic of each species , including the human race.

But in such works as ” self-help ” to ” tamper ” and ” self-surpassing ” is not only the force exerted by these activations ever to live.

The global search and literature already observed that each individual tissue and cause even introduced a self – differentiated cellular recruitment and deferred call – in specificity and active in a configuration- orientation assignment and capacity ” defend ” the life of clean cloth.

In différéntiative potentiality of the same cells that can be staminal pluripuissantes , multipuissantes , unipuissantes the ” verified presence of groups of staminal cells dispersed in the Central Nervous System (CNS) not only fetal but ” also ” adult ( EACL, 2002 , on vertebrates Goldman 2003 on man) and endogenously are capable of generating specific neuronal differentiation pathway becomes a crossroads, literally my centrality to all studious and researcher who ardently support and cooperate in guidance of my project research.

Search déssendue to dramatic and terrible infernal scenario Alzheimer’s disease to the recuperation of brain function , through therapeutic induction in synaptogenesis .

With a specific technique of ” psycho- solicitation Neuroimaging ” the “signs of emotions” they were not only observed in the brain , but recently they sourtout activated mechanisms of regeneration of the central nervous system .

For me used , operated and recommended for treatment of ” induction in synaptogenesis .”

One of my colleagues , Bob Kerbel , known worldwide , conducts research and studies in the field of angiogenesis. Ie , the formation of new blood vessels from pre-existing vessels . This technique was basilar to dott Canada. James Perry, the radius of Neurology Sumybrook Healt Sciences Centre in Toronto , and used for the treatment of brain cancer patients of glioblastoma patients , the most common malignancy among neoplastic glial photocell which together form the nervous system neurons

And also in Italy prof. Massimo Lombardi wanted through an advertising insert that takes an entire page in the newspaper ” Repubblica ” 25/10/2010 ” technology activation of stem cells autorégénérative modern medicine ” in the eye under

Now it is very clear to me that all the world’s best researchers are trying to accept the validity of my orientation ” protocol ” induction in synaptogenesis for them become a point of reference to enable the stem cells . And me (with my team ) I , first in the world , tested and disseminated in praxis and in the literature.

I am still waiting for any of them say where he got the idea …..

In my therapeutic method doctrinaire school to cure Alzheimer’s disease and also as regards the arguments to prevent it, I saw it coming to the surface untouched land process and psycho- biological deployement and oriented to aboutis the ” coscience ” the patient for the simple reason of having put directly in relation to the language of the laws that govern human nature agitated the Super -Ego .

Human nature offended by ethics , by hallucinations of unresolved suffering I, Only Smarter perceived and recognized early by the same patient who is still in the fullness of self.

And we men of science observed in the expression of neuro- biological collapse .

But sourtout noticed in progressive improvements thanks to the patient in question and (I would say obsessive in its specificity reiterative ) treatment of our school psycho- biological , introduced thanks to advances in cognitive recovery sequence identity , based on riappropriation the ability to think.




The magnetic resonance neuroimaging of the show the dreadful disease pathology of Alzhaimer .

Even the ” plates” irremovable any strategy Research -block currently the Science to impotence and record to the literature on the disease Alzhaimer , the dramatic word ” untreatable ” .

In the scientific world , closely linked to the institutes and laboratories open and operative Research throughout the world , the efforts of understanding and solution of the disease are measured with the traditional criterion of assessment : ” no” and not improving reduction ” of the results of the TAC , which shows that as the thickness and surface of pathological damage, nothing changes, also the efforts of researchers are consequences bankrupt. Burned among the ashes of bankruptcy of the investigation . ”

This absolutism which determines a priori investigation and therapeutic sourtout – orientation if it is located inside of an unorthodox path logic research and studies, can touch the end of a dogmatic cataloging . In a ” global understanding” that can be a mistake. Particulièrment if you look at the experiment as a criterion of evolution should have a broader global vision …. the new knowledge can be born as one of the ” anomalous ” investigative journey sourtout men of science and scientists ” to against -current ” .

By all accounts , this adésion between the principles of behavior and sensitivity as Ferenczi simply set each fruit hypothesis only the traditional cultural conservatism – which is shown in any “culture” in the world – with sarcasm and irony : pathology analytic societies

The true face of my research and my definitions of therapeutic school care and prevention of disease Alzhaimer – in continuity with the concepts of Ferenczi , has the right to be part of the schools that bind the investigation of the solution.

Alzheimer’s I healed .

Alzheimer’s Disease I warn .






The focus of my first methodological therapy care and prevention is that I know the background behind the psychopathology of degenerative nervous system ” assaulted ” by DISEASE Alzheimer I operate my directing global and multinational group of men of science and researchers by developing the “space of opposition ” to the same epouvantable genesis of ” pathology of toxic assaults ” , due to cognitive impairment .

In other term as the degenerative disease of the central nervous system , a victim of Alzheimer’s, embodies the destructive path of ” toxic aggressions ” I encourage the golf care mnestique recovery through dynamic not conventional , but directly inspired by the need to create instinctual Super ego , located in responses synaptogénèsee , caused by induction, the “positive” factors humeral

The work of rebuilding and restructuring of proper conduction of nerve impulses from the SNV (central nervous system) arrive thanks to the ENERGY STIMULATION neurotransmitters embryonaux where I trace neurofilament new again thanks to ” stem cells present in the brain and dispersed adult ” . And Gage , 2002 and Goldman, first observed in 2003 .

The doctrinal orientation of my strategic process takes the name of a method of compensatory neurogenesis .




There is a supreme to establish, to the greatest evidence for studies researchers .

As already shown in literature on spiritual experiences made on rats ” the stem cells of the CNS structure, especially those damaged areas ( it has been observed in the area of the tower and in the dentate subventricular ) they head to the damaged area and they differentiate into dopaminergic neurons . ”

It said the literature. And it stops there

Based on my study and research, care and prevention , but a logic that is at the same time directly at the base of the causal conséquencialité ( ie , if damage is true experience an area of the CNS, not only these stem cells migrate towards the damaged areas but it also differentiate into neurons dopominergiques ) from this logic we must understand the action for possible solution ‘s disease a lzhaimer .

Indeed, it could also be repésenter with a metaphor. It’s like watching a dramatic scene where a child fits into the turbulent waters of a river and a helper flows into the turbulent waters to save him but he drowned and died . We offer exactly the same dynamic of stem cells which (in differentiating into dopaminergic neurons ) run to rescue neuronal area CNS Sick . And here in this poisoned by toxic assaults area they die. Thus pathology, neuronal deficit not only does not stop , but it extends .

Or another example is that although the stem cells heading towards the diseased area neural neurons to replace the ” burned ” they same differentiating into dopaminergic neurons , imagine firemen running towards a thick wood on fire to rescue and turn the fire but surrounded by fire they die burned .

The same fate happens to mortal helpers staminal cells (and in such a charge , I repeat , they differentiate into dopaminergic neurons , to substitute , in the damaged area , the sick neurons , which do not work because of the advance the disease Alzhaimer .










But if we stop the source of toxic assaults ( ie what is unbearable – for interested neuronal system – evil – pycologique be the victim of the disease Alzhaimer whose toxic assaults in are the consequences) wITH REVERSE COMPORTAMENTALE ( ie with emissions of neurotrophin and unleashed not by dopamine pharmacology but ecstasy and the ” rewards ” of ” needs ” secrets of the patient) metastasis stops , the stem cells that have differentiated into dopaminergic neurons will replace diseased cells and neuronal CNS tissue recomencera to function normally without being poisoned , killed in the affected area which will no longer put into circulation in the CNS toxic assaults but the dopamine and endorphins .






SOUTOUT THROUGH MY unconventionality






The size of the endogenous response of creative activity in the service of healing tissues and biological organs damaged and / or ill – evaluated with different value scales deficits – was developped using exogenously pharmacology, transplants , or is it where it can legislatively them spérimentales transplantation of stem cells .

But with regard to all particulièrment pathology of the nervous system (Alzheimer, Parkinson- ALS ) the pharmacology despite enormous research efforts up to now failed to heal or to destroy and damage the same but not to provide a guideline cognitive recruitment prevention trials .

From this observation it becomes more obvious Devastante awareness of current impossibility of solution to the infernal disease Alzhaimer .

But if , as required in spérimentales guidance and logical necessities alternatives than the way we pharmacological elaborations that were if not useless, inadequate , current research literature provide access to a ” directive ” already justify etiolologique background – my “vision” for characterization and curative and preventive expression.

Logic can not be ignored in his own generation which regards procreation sourtout , I can say that the investigation of ” autoréparations ” made ”nature” by stem cells or Bjorklund is Lindvall , 2000, asserted that the repair mechanisms also present in humans provide ” results seem very promising .”

Giving us a stronger cognitive power we have available as a turbine that powers the ” outside ” , linked to knowledge Orthodox whole preexisting , powerful , converging scientific traceability which together with an analytical renversabilité argues similarly with the force large stones checked my golf therapeutic success. Which is accomplished in two forms of transition : care and prevention.



There is a peptide growth factor alpha (TGF -a ) involved in the process of repair of different organs .

In the experiment on ( rats) increasing the amount of TGF available cells was observed that the ” TGF -a increased cell proliferation staminal when it is injected into the brain ” ( Fallon and other groups in 2000 ) .

Always in the direction of the Directive which is cognitive soutenabilitée portatrice logical -scientific reconnaissements which confirms the value of my school test in the work of rebuilding and prevention of CNS deficits , a victim of the disease Alzhaimer , (just the in inducing graft véridification )

I show another exceptionally éclairsissante characterization is again a landmark and validating the analytical and epistemological paradigm.

Rats given patient with a degenerative nervous system damage mechanics observed that ” stem cells travel to the damaged areas and they are differentiated into neurons dopaminoénergetique ” while in healthy rats with the injection of TGF -a, peptide that is involved in the repair process of the different organs , we see that after a few days , cell proliferation staminal stops ….

From a logical constation , practice this mean that stem cells cease to ” go with the tissue to which they belong .

To explain it all with a metaphor , it’s like a self help is obliged to go to a call for help, but then checking the health conditions that can not be helped, it returns to its proper place ” of reached for another immediate relief . ”

So it is very important to know the composition of the mosaic , this cellular process “natural” to “emergency” , because that is ” parallel to the recovery of lost due to the nigro – striatal damage functions ” ( Fallon and others 2000).

These observations, School doctrinaire constitutively ” METHOD FOR COMPENSATION NEUROGENIC ” also Ardvidsson , 2002 , noted that ” Cell phone process” established after dommagement isquémiques and / or other genre
and already it is ” the replacement of hippocampal neurons ” highlighted in accidents Nakatoni 2002.

FACTORS humeral



The psycho -neuro- bioenergetic aspect of Creation on within its “nature”, has made the meaning of his track and his répérebilité space functionality. Or in the good in evil. Either the welfare or evil -being.

Staminal cells – any order and specificity of action , they are subject to the same ” law of value ” .

Will observe in the umbilical phenomenology which subsequently assembled the humeral factors.

The stem cells are packaged in their movements by their humeral factors that belongs irreversibly .

But the scientific mastery must acquire understanding endogénique – éxogénique which corresponds to the relationship of humeral factors that move in the genetic background of stem cells .

The sun gives the best looking fruit when they are closest to the new solutions that represent paths never traveled.

Open us to new horizons of knowledge leaving even scientific areas already known.

Light up , their profundity of order and truth and accuellir of new therapeutic ideas. Mine and the fact that they are fully endorsed by the scientific community.

In addition to the peptide TGF -a growth factor that is involved in the regeneration process of several bodies, which opened the way to mechanisms of cellular and molecular understanding of the process of compensatory neurogenesis , there are other scientific acquisition that gives a positive dimension to my school therapeutic treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s.

Let’s stop us doctrine that focuses its research on humeral factors.

After TGF , which Kukn and others have discovered the EGF ( epidermal growth factor ) e FGF2 growth factor ( 2 fibroblasts ) .

In addition, for an autonomy in the principles of constitution curative and preventive Benraiss , in 2001 , discovered the BDNF (Brain derived neurotrophic factor ), which has the special quality operative to induce the differentiation of neurons that occupy neostriate invade .

Again, the Nerve growth factor ( NGF) is the prototypical neurotrophin or nerve growth factor and – come – scientific literature says it seems to be dependent recruitment of new neurons in neurogenic not encephalic area.

All these special features of neurotrophins mentioned I want to attract the attention of studious readers , researchers, because , in my therapeutic school care and prevention of Alzheimer’s in practice with specific inductive reminder in synaptogenesis , has directed recruitment, differentiation and replacement of neurons destroyed due to Alzheimer’s disease .

With these reminders of the literature I have given great force communication to my observations that helped me , the first in the world to defeat the terrible , terrible , the Alzhaimer disease.

Acquisitions of research already burst into a “orientation” which gives the solution.

When you are well in tune with my guidance you suddenly apprenderez conscientisations to fly in the ” dépassabilité ” , the ” soignabilité ” a disease, Alzhaimer now I have burned and the ashes scattered , dispersing wind tragic neurological deficit and insolence insoignabilité .



After all scientific premisses that led us to this point and set out after the general principles that are the basis of my théraupeutique treatment to cure and prevent disease as Alzhaimer , now I show you the praxis to follow the protocol.

But still, given the reminders of psychic stress of my therapeutic doctrine that tears may fall into the absolutism of the disease Alzhaimer I desire to draw attention to two important scientific assumptions

Mind you always when with unlimited patience and deep love ” help you ” and treat a person with the disease Alzhaimer , you do not etez alone.

Mind that even in the most severe cases of the disease, where the patient seems not to respond to your great attention and very affectionate solicitations, you have some absolute certainties

Beyond full of aggressions area – toxic and which corresponds to the disease Alzhaimer you ‘re talking about , in fact “a specific , extraordinary feature of genetic tissue proteins in stem cells dispersed in the Central Nervous System which is to perform the function of capturing signals from the outside ”

Although the patient with the Alzhaimer it seems deaf or amnesia temporal involvement , there is always someone or some things in him that is currently listening to you ….

Why do not get frustrated , and still insist you win.

As Lazarus back to life after being dead , the patient retounera to live thanks to new synaptic pathways activating the regeneration of the central nervous system.

And never forget that the recovery of neuronal activity in the CNS is the consequences ” of the role of protein – capture those external signals , those who listen to you –

they not only push the stem cells to differentiate and to specialize , but they grow to the same cell sensing external signals and responding to such signals. ”

It’s just a matter of time. As a mother gently expectation that gently caresses her child soon see the light of life, the same way , you ‘re carrying through the regeneration of neuronal communications, costitution new synaptic pathways in the central nervous system . Thanks to my doctrinaire school Terapie induction in synaptogenesis.



He who sits in front of your heart, in front of your soul and sourtout within your ability to informed scientific healer (not a sorcerer’s apprentice ) is a person who walks in the darkness of neurons paralyzed and paralyzing distinguisher to succeed without a glimmer of thought.

Life presents itself in all its terrible and tragic visions warning to all mankind .

Dear sick Alzhaimer can or not be able to recognize you sourtout but it does not ” remember ” the links neurotransmitters that allow brain activity

Becoming your patient represented for him a primary backup requirements is imposed on you

After coscience damage of the disease, revealed by magnetic resonance as the first action seek him his ” hidden truths ”

Those who hurt and those sourtout humiliated his Super -Ego in an absolute manner , irrevocable .

And precisely because of the humiliation at the Super Ego – Central Nervous system is organized around a well-defined structure and functional dynamics in the psycho -bio- chemical balance

soudainemet it emerges generates , uses neural circuit its own toxic poisons, its toxic assaults

As already proven scientifically before in this neuronal difficulty, the stem cells that are dispersed in the adult brain are moving “naturally” to the deficit area , the toxic area.

And characterized ” as a relief , I repeat, they differentiate into neuronal same photocell to replace neurons poisoned dead. Who are responsible for the disease

But these cells staminal I repeat – they come neuronal become poisoned , they die because the SNC continues to release toxic assaults .

Nerve cells are ” infected ” by toxic assaults that produce an increase in the “beta amyloid ” the protein in malaie of Alzheimer stacks to form the characteristic plaques .

This is the focus of the strategic therapeutic intervention activation induction in synaptogénès

It is at this point it is necessary intimacy processing

As a magnetic field of attraction, the work of rebuilding and restructuring of the central nervous system password for the ” stoppage” for the ” BLOCKAGE ” release of toxic assaults .

We must stop the release toxic and bio- chemistry for them release endorphins and dopamine at the same time create with our words that strengthens the Super Ego , neuronal activation ” beneficial ” .

We must identify the dopamine and endorphin related emotionelles states deep pleasure of ecstasy which the patient needs

The more the patient will feel “high” thanks to the enjoyment of the Super Ego , the more they will manifest the basic principles of neuronal event constituting the ” new synaptic pathways .”

My therapeutic school care through the creation of new nerve – conduction pathways activated by the induction of humoral ” positive relapse ” – can be represented in a scale which makes thesis at the bottom of the same patient

Descendant in his hell , with all the weight of his pain, therapeutic care for the induction will go back and get his own interpretation of the Self from.

Recovery of its ownership away from ego will experience painful degenerative – of – humiliation and frustration showed .

Through a familiar adequate head to head we can grow and create intimacy , an intimacy that is very important to the success of the recovery of the correct comportamentale Alzhaimer sick.

If through confession we get to penetrate her despair, where humiliation engendered the origin of evil be turning over time in a Devastante neurological disease , we can remove this damn disease

It is important to understand a trial within elementary wounding the soul of the patient not only hit the certainty – on which is based reconnaissement its subjectivity but depressed in the aggressant , the whole conformation sustaining the power of his nervous conditions .

When we no longer trust an elderly person , sourtout when ” the brain of the person ” feels ” the HUMILIATION Super Ego” is struck deeply , radically not only pride, but the same neurobiological structure that supports conduction nervous impulse.

This leads to a degenerative phenomenology which is proportional to anchored itself psychic potential.

The physiology of neuronal consequences devastatoires is more serious as the more the subject has a psychological “rigid” structure , so it has a very strong représantation Self .

Any action that its undergoing any ego, causes neuronal degeneration which switches on in the CNS verified the presence of toxic assaults .

Presence of ” gene, which desséchente the REGULAR intérations neurological

The positive or negative energy, ie the well being and evil be psychic, between the inner life and gradually it characterizes the state of etiological dopaminergic neurons capable of generating and degenerating nerve tissue quality .

Already literature informs us that psycoanalitique separate the own emotional world gives syntome of schizophrenia

The trouble is caused by the humiliation and frustration of the Self, in the older person leads to a dissolution of dopaminergic neurons .

Chex the person who has more than seventy years old, who feels betrayed , humiliated her self more hidden, and the concepts he has his personality, a reaction unleashed .

On the view istopathologique we observe that process motonéuranale maintiennement synaptogenesis , neurogenesis , become inflamed.

Sometimes endogenously a dramatic Devastante , terrifying transformation of ” quality imput neuronal ending with a pathology of neurodegeneration , synaptic néurodévastation central neural system.

The consequent loss to the end of the process – cognitive shows us the terrifying , destructive movement of toxic assaults caused by the humiliation of the foremost psychic activity ( Malde of the Alzhaimer ) .

Where The Ego and the so – often for several years after the beginning of the retirement age , chanted and held the order of the neurobiological functioning .

The therapeutic treatment of Alzheimer’s maldie must touch in the patient hope , this is where the therapeutic language must release after you apply with the dopamine – obsession and neurotrophins .

They activate the process néurosynaptogénèse .


Penetrating the reasons for despair , we come to the causality of the degeneration and compromise the correct functionality of the central nervous system

Adapting therapeutic treatment ” needs ” of the patient, supported by the hope and the therapeutic “positive” reaction, we free the Devastante nichilisme psychonéurobiologique

Thanks to this kind of treatment our efforts to save a Alzhaimer patient will be able to ” handle induction ” “positive relapse ” the ” new creation ” inside the central nervous system.

Building on the data néuropsychobiologique knowledge – we will , from their inner frustrated and humiliated , touch the istants recognition , activation and reorganization of neuronal communication.

Forming new synaptic pathways in the central nervous system .

To oppose the degeneration of the central neural system therapeutic care should ensure that the patient can point to a different, full recovery of the Self.

Seeking psychological “positive” reaction occurs not only that the patient is alert but can be seen on the scientific point of view , a tendency to the recovery and preservation of mnestique trace.

It ” bypasses ” the destruction of the nerve centers in the pathogenesis dead .

They come by against – substitutivement ” recovered ” effective autorégénérations new neurofilament .

These therapeutic form , create in the patient a new beginning of psychic life ; taking the energetic forces, they will be part of the growth of new developments in own neurological function .

Fueling the growth and maintenance of cells as adult staminal being a ” reserve” of central neural system is accessed to the structuring of the “new ” structure of synaptogenesis néurotransmettitrice .

Containing transport molecules essential for maintaining functional asson .

To deepen the centrality of therapeutic practice , in reality it is Alzheimer’s patient who chose his desires ( and even those who sourtout we can not, we must not say .)

They are regulations and specifications in which he can not give

The patient and also its treatment

His confession produced by its faintasie can overcome loneliness and illness.

It recreates a life that is not real .

In this life there is treatment.

Only thanks to them ( faintasie – requirements ) and in a natural way was the antidote against the disease that torments him .

The emotional dimension , the humeral factors give good or bad, the energy pulse to the same phsyologie the outbreak of the disease with its manifestations.

The qualitative evaluation shows that the therapeutic approach to this disease , it should be structured on the basis of emotionality , the humeral and particulièrment factors on the desire (conscious e / or unconscious ) that the patient feels.

Give the patient , the patient , his ” desire ” it projecte us in the dimension of man where the sense of self lives its own neuronal projection.

Recalling the sense of self is missing May desired Chronicle defuses the degenerative nature .

Then recovers lost neurological function , not giving a predictable turn contributes to the psychology of ecstasy Super- ego as a result of therapeutic treatments. And clyniques .

Apriori we need to know that there is a communication, energy comunion , thick active participation of neurotrophin requirements and the existence of conditions and needs.

They design and carry nerve filaments in clean and specialized functions of specific tissues , capable of responding to such signals. The néurtrophines obtained by autogenesis maintain this ability to devolopper , in their early stages they resemble embryogenesis . Nothing prevents us from proceeding to this directive , however the origin of human knowledge is essential to develop therapeutic strategy. Offering action certainty that emotional ties are already sufficient to determine the self-renewal of neural CNS.


The reasons for the therapeutic treatment is explainable thanks to the energy law .

Seek desires, passions, needs of the patient is the main action which alone can defy the terrible force of the disease Alzhaimer .

My studies in patients have proven me That a technical had the power to seek constructive self-renewal of neural tissue that has the same structural characteristics and biochemistry of dopaminiques neurons damaged propriement degenerated because of exposure to strong, constant , obsessive toxic assaults .

This technique is semplemant entering the pathological nature of the patient ‘ dAlzhaimer . Either in the training and progression of neuronal replacement and alternative system that has the recovery and proper organisatoins neurotransmitters. Recovering the functions of the central nervous system lost.

Be individuated therapy in huge energetic resources (conscious and incosciente ) of the patient .

I realized that thanks to the victory of the ego of the patient ( in the highest degree of egoistic symbolic idealization of the requirement of the Ego , he truvé him even his resuscitation and a new representation of self. Who took the place of the sick. and I see him again join in the present, past and future.

I see the vastness of hope come into him and also in therapy

In this context I can say That a kind of miracle to save the patient ( and family) from his ordeal .

So stop immediately degenerative factor (toxic assaults ) of neuronal photocell through immediate therapy must avoid falling into crippling syntomatologies of the disease.

Using hidden neurotrophins vitality is encouraged thanks to “positive ” words ( which penetrate the needs, requirements and desires of the patient, so we can reconstruct the neural design which is unique only to him , his autobiography.

Having understood and (shown) that these are the factors we humeral to be good and evil being, to be captured and the protagonist invisible – double – face of the human comedy .

It was reported as the imagination has such a power over men sourtout on men and old women , that if we can not manages well he destroy a person .

Instead the admission of these faintasie these needs, these requirements has the power to resurface a person . The regenerated and saved from Alzheimer’s disease.

The nervous system behind his apparent silence gives strong signals to attract attention. Do not understand is the sign of a limited doctrine but also the tendency of traditional medicine want to interpret the problems that occurs with violence as a disease portatrice destruction and death .

Now thanks to this therapeutic trial – d’orientation , we have the instrument to bring the central nervous system functionality simply being attentive to its humoral dimension.

The answers to his demands are there. And have betrayed the nervous system caused a kind of paralysis paralyzing.

In therapeutic practice I left , I even ask my patient to speak up for freedom

Their desires étaitaient their arrows in medical practice are never terrible .

The “worst ” of existence can be the ” best ” of therapy.

There is not a treatment – and science is the mother of the logic of ethical and ethical – players beyond what the very nature established in the constitutive phenomenology of its physiological universe.

We must not wait for new popes , new ethical , new ways to affirm the inalienable right of the patient to leave the prison of pain and vexation of sourtout the malarie .

Scientific research struggling against the pain can not be a victim of those who want to put limits on the freedom of conscience , freedom to know .

Scientific research must save mankind before it degenerates before dying.

A researcher and we are working with studious obsession he only interested us distinguish between right and wrong , to free the suffering and pain man.

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