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In a short time will be put on the net, in Englisch, the Scientific protocol



” Another ”success” that throughout the world is continually manifestaded. Edgar Jofre two-time world champion, the greatest Brazilian boxer of all time, years 79 old in 2016, suffering of Alzheimer’s disease and the degeneration of senile dementia of the central nervous system it has now been cured  by serious deterioration and deficit of neuro-cognitive degeneration, through the scientific Protocol of this research-study for the benefit of humanity.

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                                     I FIRST  

                          IN THE WORLD   

I’VE DEFEATED ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE                                     AND  






pu13Thinking about humanAlzheimer ‘s disease


                      A workbook to Accompany Alzheimer ‘s disease


Photographs by Todd Heisler – Shows sinhs of Alzheimer ‘s disease into a more advanced case .

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New ways of treatment and prevention into regenerative mechanisms of activation of the central nervous system

Canada , Montreal , September 2010


Warning to readers

I want to warn people, research institutes, or institutions specializing in the etiological ” knowledge” of  Alzhaimer’s disease  ..these pages that will be sent on request and free, voluntary donation to understand my SCIENTIFIC PROTOCOL. They represent the exact SYNTESE the precise RESUME, a long, tiring and expensive scientific research.

Performed for 16 years working all over the world with my specialized multidiscplinaire team of scientists, collaborators, accadémiciens.

This “scientific summary ” made by myself is characterized for semplicity of explanation. All this to facilitate and encourage immediate and certe ” interpretation” of concepts based on my scientific and therapeutic approach .The academic original work is more difficil understanding.

But in this ” summary ” which is the projection of my cognitive process , the system of my mind for the care and prevention of Alzhaimer’s disease is the same compared to the original test of SCIENTIFIC psycho- biologicol PROTOCOL.

Since I carefully summarized the key issues , evaluations and answers, me and my man of science was sought group and translated into the procedural and analytical complexity :

* Asks Questions

* Defines terms and concepts and Accurately precisaly

* Examines the available evidence

* Analyzes Assumptions and Biases

* Avoid oversimplification

* Defines and examined emotional reasoning

* Considers alternative interpretations

*Tolerates uncertainty when evidence is inconclusive

In the following pages you will find their answers .

It have consequences in the real world .

                   SCIENTIFIC PROTOCOL


                 DOCT. ANDJELO JENKO PUZ




                 MY RESEARCH WORK:




                                          I FIRST

            IN THE WORLD I HAVE DEFEATED        

                    ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE



. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage or retrieval system, without permission in writing from author.
Request for permission to make copies of any part of the work should be mailed to: angelopuz2@gmail.com
“Order for Reading Passage” (First passage)
Neurodegenerative disease
Beyond pharmacological Therapy
New pathways of study, care and prevention of the mechanisms of regenerative activation of the central nervous system
Canada, Montreal, September 2010. Republished in Brazil in January 2012.
Warning to applicants the Protocol I would like to warn people, research institutes or bodies characterized by the etiological knowledge of Alzheimer’s disease that these pages sent – on request and on free, volunteer, donation to understand my therapeutic navigation – represent the exact synthesis, the precise summary, of a long, tiring and expensive scientific research path. Carried out since March 2001, all over the world with my specialized, multidisciplinary, team of collaborative scientists or academics. This “scientific summary” operation carried out by myself has the appearance of simplicity in the explanatory drafting. All this, just to encourage an immediate and safe “interpretation reading” of the underlying conceptual accommodation. And that, instead, in the original academic work is abstruse, as elaborated with principles of clinical semantics deeply doctrinaire. But in this “reduced” and easy projection of a demanding, continuous cognitive process, my thought of formulation for the cure and also to prevent the evil of Alzheimer remains absolutely identical and unchanged to the essay of Psycho-neuro-biology originating. Since, I carefully summarized the central issues, the assessments and answers that I and my group of scientists have investigated and translated into the procedural and analytical complexity that:
³ asks questions
³ defines terms and concepts accurately and precisely
³ examines the available evidence
³ analyzes assumption and biases
³ Avoid oversimplification
³ defines and examines emotional reasoning
³ considers alternative interpretations
³ tolerates uncertainty when evidence is Conclusiv
In the following pages you will find their answers. It has consequences in the real world.
(Second passage)
Exploration of the territory of the therapeutic discourse
Without wasting time with circumlocuzioni semantics for many abstruse, I immediately show you the strong characterizations of stem cells scattered in the central nervous system, which constitutes my new frontier of care for the “evil of Alzheimer”. Crossed with shocking therapeutic success and that with extreme satisfaction is copied in the scientific address. It is also valid in preventive care. And that, given the strategic centrality of my therapeutic school, I would like to immediately take care of the scientific achievements of their own characters. etiological data
1) Stem cells are present and are scattered in the adult brain (Gace, 2002, on vertebrates and Goldman, 2003, on the human being). But in this war between researchers where the despair of a phobia of goal merges with the Phantasmal obsession, one of my colleagues in Valencia is self-defining, he, the discoverer….. While in fact it is only a mechanic of thinking and thinking (obscure of vision), he is a specialist of “electron microscopy”. If he finds out that other researchers have new “visions” he checks them through the “electron microscopy” and then claims to… be the first in the world…..
2) These stem cells present in the. can generate dopamine-specialized neuroniche cells that perform the same functions as neurons.
3) by taking the path of “specialized” dopaminergic neuronal differentiation, they, “direct” to the damaged neuronal area to “replace” in the functions – of the tissue of which they are part – the “dead” neurons, victims of Alzheimer’s disease.
4) Another fantastic, extraordinary feature of stem cells gene kit is the one in which proteins, in them, exert and perform the function of capturing signals from the outside. and recapture them within the physiology of neuronal cells.
5) In this role, proteins not only induce cells to differentiate but induce the same cell to respond to these signals.
These are “the laws” of the “nature” of the functioning of the central nervous system of the human. There I hooked and enlightened not only the roles performed by the neuronal excitation and those manifested by the humiliation of the super-ego. Coincident in the first case, with the immissions of endorphins and dopamine and, in the other, with devastating actions of toxic insults. To elaborate a connection in this work before World Discovery Doctrinaire, the return of evocative crossing the tendency inclination resides in a priori scientific showing the signs of the emotions observed on the brain and that I drew at the beginning of this diffusion of my research. Therefore the emotions are at the basis of the foundation of the different events and differentiators of the physiological relations.
Induction in Synaptogenesis
I have met and used the bestowals of “nature” data for the “Autorepair” of neuronal functionality, to build my therapeutic practice – of care and prevention – using the “laws of neurogenesis compensatory”. indicated by me and my collaborating scientists through the technical specification of «Induction in Synaptogenesis». In these scenarios of language of experience I accept with profound satisfaction doctrinaire the scientific observations and the Sussunte Esplicitazioni of my two colleagues, Prof H. Mizoguchi and Machiko Matsumoto of the Health Science University of Hokkaido, Ishikari, which together with two other Prof. Kiguchi and H. Nagase, intervening in international seminars of neuroscience have made steps of “scientific reinterpretation” directly following my directions and my direction. With such scientific sprays – for the moment – I have elaborated the first vital impetus of the channelling of my therapeutic school in the same deep scientific waters that feed it victoriously on the so-called “incurableness” of Alzheimer’s disease.
* * * * *
P.S.: In the need to receive the complete report of this first work doctrinaire world of clear and highlighted “success” therapeutic on the incurableness of the evil of Alzheimer and/or its prevention, can click the below button
Our Directorate-General-which together all the developments of research carried out by the groups of multi-national scientists to US afferent-will send you from Canada, in the Italian language, the entire protocol of instruction (about 50 pages) of effected activation, in the central nervous system, of the stem cells dispersed in the adult brain. It is already established, scientific presenzaattraverso specific therapeutic induction technique in the synaptogenesis. NOTES: To any donation remittance (without foreclosures or limits) will be paid and sent the Completadel report Protocol of instruction to defeat the evil of Alzheimer’s (and/or even prevent it). The scope of the finalization of researchers scientists is recognized for daily existential lives dedicated solely to studies and research in “benefit of humanity” and with the indifferent need to buy new electronic machinery of the latest generation.
(Third Passage)
«Time» and «Space» in the construction of «Research».
The “historical” dynamics of Human Genesis in the etiology.
The intuition or flash of genius or the Eagle’s vision in the time territories is the work for a search for knowledge that pulsates with unseen life but of initial monocellular crossing. This research carried out throughout the planet with proven therapeutic successes for over ten years is introduced in a journey back in time split by the deafening noise of the first formation in life – of birth and growth – transformative and evolutionary dynamics. From there, from that first moment of photosynthesis of existence and subsequent molecular decomposition, I and my group of scientists have rerouted the events of the foundations of energetic transformative characterizations of biology and whose specialized stem cells are the finalization created precisely by the original pluripotent. My research study path follows, therefore, the paths of nature and the processes of natural formations and compositions. And that now lights up in the metatemporal address of another resounding success of confirmation. These days the Japanese Yamanaka (I for over ten years live alongside the world of Japanese culture and Research) has received the Nobel Prize for his research on STAMINAII. Yamanaka and Gurdon (English) have reprogrammed with cellular genetic modification the events of stem births in a reverse of the temporal path no longer ‘ evolutionary but involutional, ie ‘ go back in time. Precisely and exactly as I and my collaborating scientists have determined in the work of research beyond pharmacology, without the pharmacology. The feedback of the time is the unifying path of scientific basis to win Mali and ethics. Both damned.
Each form of life, in its gene and/or morphological characteristic, is linked to specific adaptive advantages. The confirmation is now also happening in the laboratories. In 21 years of testing, the bacteria of “Escherichia coll”, cultivated at the University of Michigan, have produced on 20,000 generations, 41 mutations. And the adaptive need, created or formed in combination with protective mechanisms, was observed by Yokoyama and colleagues comparing the “Lepidopus Ficthi” or sabre fish, which is a fish of the marine depths, to other surface fish. The mutation that generated sensitivity for the blue color occurred because in the chain of amino acids it was lost evolutionally a molecule (the 86th) of one of the proteins involved in the view.

«Law of Utility» and «Law of Survival»

Biological aspects of “maintenance” and “overcoming” in evolutionary transformism

Along the channels of «Time» and «Space» also the «Brain» came to light from that dimension of the creative activity that usually and generically is conceptualized with the term “nature” identification. Scientifically accessing cognition – freed from the banks of Anatomopatologica philosophy – the path of the “brain”, in the endogenous characterization, subject to two incomparable, fantastic thrusts of Autoattribute Genesis. In which in the metatemporal centrality of the “repeating” Coaction itself is founded, it is maintained, develops, only if it exceeds the quantum validation of the “Law of utility” and the “Law of Survival”. To verify these biological aspects of “maintenance” and “overcoming” – i.e. in fact “Transformism and Evolutionism” – just observe in any museum of anthropology the chilling autoevolutions of our human race, there, exposed in a devastating sense of admonition between halls and halls. As in various frames of temporal characterization we now have in front of our eyes only spectral skulls that in a chilling playing of human composition evoke directly the tragic evolutionary loneliness of the genre. “Behind” The skulls, as a map of litmus, not only were there beings who now come out of their own metatemporal window to “disturb” posterity, but above all there is an extraordinary source for “widening” and suggesting a deeper and real organization of scientific thought on the energetic assumptions of the biological induction to life.

Nature is in the energetic assumptions of the induction of the Biological life


In billions of years of neuroistocompositive primarily Esigite (step-to-step) responses from any form of life existing on the planet, it has been created and composed – in themselves – a neurological structure regent, instrumental to the fulfilment of its very needs of functionality. In the context of the Act, through a cycle of transformations the “specialized cells” have opened to the life by in the characters of the various tissues arranged in the differentiation. This “peculiarity” is proper to every single species, including mankind. But in this work of “autoconstruction”, “Automaintenance” and “Autooverrun” does not only live the force exerted continuously by these activations. World Research and literature has already observed that every single tissue has generated and introduced within itself a recruitment of cell phone call – Differentiated and Differenziatoria – in the specificity of agents and that in a configuration address has the assignment and ability to “defend” the life of its own fabric. In the differentiating potential of the same stem cells that can be pluripotent, multipotent stem cells and unipotent stem cells, the «found presence of stem cell groups scattered in the central nervous system (CNS) not only fetal but “also” adult (Gace, 2002, on vertebrates and Goldman, 2003, on Man) and that endogenously are capable of giving life to specific pathways of neuronal differentiation , it becomes the crossroads, literally my centrality together with the scientists researchers who ardently support and collaborate with the design state of the address of my research. Driven research in the dramatic, hellish scenarios of the terrible Alzheimer’s disease for the recovery of cerebral function, through therapeutic induction treatments in the synaptogenesis. With a specific technique of “psycho-neuroimaginary stress” the “signs of emotions” not only have been observed on the brain for a few years but mainly have activated regenerative mechanisms of the central nervous system. and used by me, exploited and indicated for treatments of “induction in the Synaptogenesis”. One of my colleague Bob Kerbel, known worldwide, conducts research and studies in the field of angiogenesis. That is, development of new blood vessels starting from other existing ones. Technique which in turn was basic for the Canadian Dott. James Perry, of the Department of Neurology of the Sumybrook Healt Sciences Centre in Toronto and used to treat brain cancer in patients with gliobbastoma, the most malignant tumor of glial cell neoplasms that together with neurons form the nervous system. And also in Italy the Prof. Massimo Lombardi has, in an advertisement of an entire page in the newspaper “Repubblica” of 25.10.2010, intended to spread “the technique of activating the stem cells of modern self-healing medicine” in the ophthalmology application. It is now clear to me that all the best researchers in the world are throwing themselves in my address of “protocol”, induction in the synaptogenesis, for them of reference, to activate stem cells. And that I (with my team) have first in the open world, crossed and spread in practice and in literature. I expect someone to tell them where the idea came from…
«The super-ego»
Biological deployments to the conscience
In my method of therapeutic school doctrinaire to defeat the evil of Alzheimer and also on the utterances to prevent it emerged an unviolated land of procedures and explanations psycho-biological addressed and landed in the “conscience” of the sick because directly I correlated them to the laws that govern the restless human nature of the super-ego. Human nature oppressed by ethics, by the hallucinations of the unresolved suffering of the ego, perceived and recognized soloinizialmente by the sick himself still in the fullness of the self. And by US scientists observed in neuro-biological sinking demonstrations. But above all noted in the continual improvement with the “targeted” and patient (I would say obsessive in the specificity reiterative) treatment of our psycho-biological school, introduced for the cognitive elevation of identity recovery sequences, based on the reacquisition of the ability to reflect.
(Fourth Passage)
Science gets down to Alzheimer’s disease
«Overcome the current incurable»
The encounter with pain
The neuroimaging of magnetic resonance highlights the horrific pathology of Alzheimer’s disease. The “plaques” – immovable and adamant to any research strategy – still nail the Scienzaall ‘ impotence and deliver it to literature with the dramatic term of “incurableness”. In the scientific universe, strongly connected to the institutes and Research laboratories, open and operational throughout the planet, it accompanies the “measurement” of attempts to understand and solution only with the traditional and classical paradigm of evaluative equation: “not” diminishing “and not” reducing “in the visibility of the PEC the thickness and the area of the pathological damage, also the attempts carried out by the researchers are conseguenzialmente erroneous. Burned in the ashes of the investigative failure. ” This priori absolutism of source observive and underlying formulation connected in the therapeutic address – especially if placed in the paths of non-orthodox logic of research and study – has the extreme echo of a dogmatic cataloguing. Therefore, in absolute decipherment and “totalitarian” understanding can also be mistaken. Especially in experimental optics should drop the unique and convergent reception of listening… The knowledge can also be born among the “anomalous”…. investigative paths, especially among scientists and researchers of “counter-current”. Moreover, in this adherence between the principle of habit and meaning, even Ferenczi has even defined every conjecture dictated only by traditional cultural conservatism – shown in any “culture” of the planet – with sarcasm and irony as “the pathology of analytic societies”. The true face of my research and the definitions of therapeutic school of treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease – precisely with the concepts of Ferenczi – enters into law in the need to link the question to its resolution. The evil of Alzheimer’s I defeated him. The evil of Alzheimer’s I’m going to do it. _____ _____ _____ __ _____ __ _____……………….
         (Fifth Passage)
The “incurableness” outweighed by a stravogimento of procedural clinic.
Compensatory neurogenesis processes
The central point of my methodological approach of curative and preventive therapy is that I – knowing thoroughly the source of the psycho-degenerative pathology of the nervous system “attacked” by the evil of Alzheimer – I operate directing my planetary and multinational group of scientists and Ricercatorisviluppando precisely the “opposing space” to the same chilling genesis of “pathology from toxic insults”, because of cognitive deterioration. In other words, since the degenerative pathology of the central nervous system, the victim of Alzheimer’s, embodies the destructive path of “toxic insults”, I support the healing path of consolidation recovery through unconventional dynamics Madirettamente on in the need for the creation instinctual super-ego, placed then in responses of synaptogenesis, generated precisely by induction by the factors humoral “positive”
Reconstruction and restructuring in the.
(Central nervous system)
Induction of Synaptogenesis
The reconstruction and restructuring of a correct conduction of nerve impulses in the CNS (central nervous system) occurs with the energetic self-stimulation of the mother cells (stem), i.e. embryonic neurotransmitters, where I have new neurofilaments. Doctrinal thanks to the “stem cells present and scattered in the adult brain”. And that were observed in literature first by Gage, 2002 and Goldman, 2003. In the doctrinal address my strategic procedure takes the name of processes of neurogenesis compensatory induction in the Constitution of Synaptogenesis.
The anatomic feature
Of the central nervous system (CNS) stem Cells
There is a supreme finding to be put in the maximum highlight for researchers ‘ studies. As already demonstrated in the literature on experiments on mice “CNS stem cells, particularly those of the damaged areas (it has been observed in the area of the toothed lap and in the sub-ventricular zone) are headed towards the damaged area and differ in dopaminergic neurons». That said the literature. And here it stops. Just in function not only of my experience of study of research, care and prevention, but by a logic that is at the same time directly underlying it in causal consequentiality (i.e., if the damage occurs in an area of the CNS, the stem cells present not only migrate to the damaged areas but even from the sun they differ in dopaminergic neurons) that , you have to take action for the possibility of solving the evil of Alzheimer’s. In fact, to make it understand similarly with a metaphor of feedback, it is as if we a dramatic scene where a child slips into the tumultuous waters of a river and a rescuer throws himself in the vortexes to save him but drowns and dies. We we exactly the same dynamic of stem cells that (even differentiating into dopamine neurons) run to rescue the neural zone of the diseased CNS. And there, in that neuronal area poisoned by toxic insults they themselves find death. This is how the pathology, the neuronal deficit not only does not stop, but extends. Or, still with another representative example of stem cells heading to the neuronal disease zone and, to replace the “burned” neurons, they themselves differ in dopaminergic neurons, we imagine the firefighters running towards a dense forest in flames to rescue and extinguish the fire but that surrounded by fire they themselves die burned. The deadly same fate happens to the helpers stem cells (and that in this task and in this function – I repeat – even differentiate in dopaminergic neurons to replace, in the damaged area, the diseased neurons, not functioning, for the bad incipient of Alzheimer’s).
                           (Sixth Passage)
The extraordinary etiological novelty
Is that
«Stem cells in the rescue work differenziatesi in dopamine neurons and migrate to the damaged area to replace the Alzheimer’s diseased neurons, so that the brain tissue they are part of is reworked,
They are “swallowed” by evil
That area is “area of serious toxic insults”
That already killed the other neuronal cells.
The pathology extends, so the evil increases
But if we stop the source of the toxic insults (ie the unbearable – by the neuronal system concerned – psychological ill of the subject victim of the evil of Alzheimer’s and that own, in the pathology, it is consequential) with a behavioral reversal (immissioneneurotrofine and dopamine triggered not by the pharmacology but by the ecstasy and by the “Soddisfacimenti super-ego” of the “needs” secret of the patient) the metastasis stops , Differenziatesi stem cells in dopaminergic neurons replace the diseased ones, and CNS neuronal tissue will resume functioning normally. Without being poisoned, killed by the area that no longer circulates in the CNS the toxic insults but dopamine and endorphins. Natural.
The sick will no longer be in the hell of nowhere
Resumes to be present in himself
Thanks to my therapy
Thanks to my world studies
Thanks to my will and my passion
Especially thanks to my unconventional (research, Studies, LIFE)
And not only to the talent that Mother Nature has given me
                               (Seventh Passage)
Symptomatology and Consequences
Autorepairs carried out in kind by stem cells
The size of the endogenous dopamine response and endorphinic of the creative activity, placed at the service of the healing of damaged and/or diseased tissues and biological organs-evaluated with different scales of deficit-is developed exogenously using pharmacology, transplants or – where possible legislatively – with the still experimental grafts of stem cells. But as regards specifically all the degenerative diseases of the nervous system (Alzheimer’s – Parkinson – SLA), the pharmacology despite the enormous efforts of research still it has failed to cure and eradicate deterioration and even to offer a cognitive recruitment line for preventive approaches. From such a general, terrible, finding in the evaluative reflection emerges specifically the devastating awareness of a current non-soluzionabilità of the infernal Evil of Alzheimer. But if, as an obligation in the experimental needs of alternative addresses and logics, the path of pharmacological elaborations Rilevatesi In fact is transcended, if not unnecessary, insufficient, current literature studies allow access to “line” content that already supports – even from an etiological background – my “vision” of characterization and of curative and preventive expression. Beyond the same governance of the logic that cannot be subtracted from its generation in gestations, I can say that in the investigation of “Autorepair” carried out in “nature” by stem cells, both Bjorklund and Lindvall, 2000, they said that these repair mechanisms present in man also offer “results that seem very promising”. By projecting the finding in cognitive approach, we have available – as a turbine that feeds it from the “outside”, linked to orthodox knowledge – a underlying, powerful, scientific traceability that in fact converges and, in analytical reversal, supports similarly to sandstone paradigmatic of Echo Dottrinariola my ascertained practicability of therapeutic success. Accomplished in the two forms of crossing: Care and prevention.
                        (Eight Passage)
Fundamental aspects of literature
The processes of neurogenesis compensatory
There is a peptide, the alpha growth factor (TGF – a) that intervenes in the repair processes of various organs. In the experimentation (on mice) increasing the amount of TGF available to the cells it has been observed that “TGF-a increases the proliferation of stem cells when injected into the brain” (Fallon and other groups, 2000). Always in the line of showy cognitive sustainability containing logical scientific assignments confirmatory for my school essay in the reconstruction and prevention of CNS deficiency, victim of the evil of Alzheimer’s, (just graft them into the induction of Veridificazione) monster another, exceptionally enlightening paradigmatic characterization of reference underlying analytical and epistemological. In mice made “sick” in the Nervosocon system mechanical degenerative damage is observed that “stem cells migrate to the damaged area and differ in dopaminergic neurons” while in healthy mice with the injection of TGF-a growth factor, the peptide that intervenes in the repair processes of various organs, it is noted that, after a few days, stops the proliferation of stem cells… From the Bank of logical logic, in fact, it is the meaning that does not need the “rescue”, the stem cells “do not continue” to help the fabric of which they are part. In a metaphorical recognition it is as if an ambulance with doctors on board is forced to leave for an alleged need for relief but then, by checking the healthy conditions do not Abbisognevoli of help, returns to its place of “waiting for the emergency room”. Then, it is very important to know – in the mosaic of the compartments – this “natural” cellular process of “rescue” because it “is parallel to the recovery of the lost functions due to the damage of the area Nigro-striatal” (Fallon et al., 2000). These observations, of doctrinaire school, constitutive of the “processes of neurogenesis compensatory” also Ardvidsson, 2002, noted that “this cellular process” is established as a result of ischemic and/or other damage and that also already exists “the replacement of hippocampal neurons”, underlined in the events by Nakatoni, 2002.
     Chapter 9 or Ninth Passage
The humoral factors
In the reconstruction and degeneration of the.
The psycho-neurobioenergitica dimension of creation, within its “nature”, has made the sense of its trace and its traceability in the space of functionality. Both in good and evil. Both in welfare and in the unrest. Stem cells – in every order of their own specificity agent – subject themselves, first, to the law of utility. Osserviamole in the umbilical phenomenology that binds them to the humoral factors. A fatality of humoral belonging to them affects their own crossings. The appearance of endogenous-exogenous intelligibility, corresponding to the relationship of the humoral factors stirring the constitutive genes of its source, must be acquired in scientific mastery. The sun of research grows in its own crops approached in the trending solutions. Open the horizons to new knowledge by escaping from the already acclaimed scientific territories. Illuminiamoli, in the depth of order of truth and Basic launch, for new therapeutic concepts. My own and that in fact they are totally endorsed. In addition to the TGF-a peptide, growth factor that intervenes in the repair processes of various organs, and which paved the way for understanding the cellular and molecular bases of the processes of neurogenesis compensatory, other scientific acquisitions positively dimension my therapeutic school of Care and Prevention of Alzheimer’s. Let on doctrine, inspired by concentrated research on humoral factors. After TGF, Kuhn and others detected EGF (epidermal growth factor) and ilFGF2 (fibroblast growth factor 2). Moreover, as a valoric emancipation of curative and preventive constitution underlying, Benraiss, 2001, discovered the BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor) which has the specific operational quality of inducing the differentiation of the neurons occupying, invade the neostriatum. Furthermore, the nerve growth factor (NGF) is the prototype of neurotrophins or nerve growth factors and that – it affirms the scientific literature – seem to possess the task of recruiting new neurons in non-neurogenic encephalic areas. All these characteristics of the above mentioned Neurotrophins I have recalled them to the attention of scholars, of readers, researchers, perchénella my therapeutic School of treatment and Prevention of Alzheimer’s, in fact, with specific inductive recall technique in synaptogenesis, has performed the recruitment, differentiation and replacement of degenerated neurons due to the evil of Alzheimer’s. With these literary reminders I have already given great contractual strength to my observations of having the world’s first defeated and prevented the terrible, chilling, evil of Alzheimer’s. From the shores of the research acquired, it already breaks the “trend” solution. Tuned to them you will learn more soon to fly in the awareness of “Superskill”, on the “cureability” of an Alzheimer’s disease that I have now burned and dispersed in the Ashes, dissipating in the wind the tragic neurological deficits and its arrogance of incurableness.
           (Tenth passage)
The fascinating basis of the protocol of Care
The gene kit of some stem cell proteins is to pick up signals from the outside and recapture them within the cells
Given all the scientific prerequisites recalled here and set out the underlying principles on which my therapeutic treatment is based to defeat and also prevent the evil of Alzheimer’s, now I am telling you the practice to follow, the protocol. But still – precisely in the light of the recalls and the psychical stresses of my therapeutic doctrine that pierces the absolutization of the evil of Alzheimer – I wish to draw attention, a priori, to two important scientific assumptions. Always remember, when with unlimited patience and depth of love “operate” and treat an Alzheimer’s disease, you are not alone. Remember that even in the most severe cases of the pathology, where the patient seems to not respond to your affectionate, beloved stresses you have some absolute certainties. Beyond the dense area of toxic insults – and that corresponds to the pathology of Alzheimer’s disease – you are talking, in fact, “a specific, extraordinary characteristic of the gene kit of proteins present in the stem cells dispersed in the central nervous system and that is to carry out, exert the function of picking the signals from the outside. and recapture them within the cells ‘ gene. Although the Alzheimer’s sufferer seems deaf or amnesic in temporal determination, there is always someone or something in him that is listening to you… So do not be discouraged, always insist and win. As by a Lazarus rising from his death, the patient will also rise again, relive in new ways synaptic activating the regeneration of the central nervous system. And always remember that this resurrection of CNS neuronal activity occurs because “in this role proteins – those that capture external signals, those who listen to you – not only induce stem cells to differentiate and specialise but induce the same cell not only to capture external signals but to respond to these signals.” It’s just a matter of time. As a expectant mother caresses her fetus, her child will come to light, to life, so you – similarly – are bringing, in the reactivation and reorganization of neuronal communications, to the establishment of new synaptic pathways in the central nervous system. Thanks to my doctrinaire School of induction therapy in the synaptogenesis. The Alzheimer’s sufferer is in front of you. What sits in front of your heart, to your soul and especially now within your ability to enlightened scientific healer (and not of Sorcerer’s apprentice) is a person who in a mere formal recognition wanders into paralyzed and paralyzing neuronichel darkness without being able to distinguish any recollection of thought. Human life is thus inscribed in the tragic vehementness of its values of terrifying admonition. The dear sick subject of Alzheimer’s may or may not recognize you but above all does not “remember” in the continuity neurotransmitter. By becoming a “your” patient, you are in a tumultuous need for relief that imposes itself.
                            (Eleventh Passage)
First therapeutic intervention
The “blocking” of emissions of toxic insults in the CNS
After observing the damage of the pathology, unveiled by magnetic resonance as the first act seeks in him of the “hidden truths”. Those who have wounded, especially humiliated in continuity irrevocata his super-ego. And that precisely from the humiliation inflicted on the super – I the central nervous system – formed in structural points of dynamics well defined in the usual psycho-bio-chemical journeys of sudden and conseguenzialmente emanates, generates, puts in neuronal circuit, own poisons, own toxic insults. As previously demonstrated scientifically, in this neuronal difficulty, stem cells that are dispersed in the adult brain now are headed “naturally” to the area in deficit, toxic. And in this characterization of “distress”, I repeat, they themselves differ in neuroniche cells just to replace the poisoned, dead neurons. Valorietà of pathological damage. But also these stem cells – reiterate – become neuroniches are poisoned, die, since the CNS continues to emit toxic insults. Because psychic life, the self of the subject is in humiliating suffering. The nerve cells are “infected” by toxic insults implanted an increase of «Beta amyloid», the protein that in Alzheimer’s accumulates to form the plaque characteristics. This is the central point of the therapeutic strategic intervention, activation by induction in the synaptogenesis. It is at this precise moment that you need the Intimitàdella transformation. of doctrinal grasping. and scientific protocol. As in a magnetic field of attraction, reconstruction and restructuring of the central nervous system passes through the “stopping”, for the “blocking” of emissions of toxic insults.
Natural dopamine and endorphins in the constitution of “new synaptic pathways”
We must – precisely by the overthrow of bio-chemical supplies of natural endogenous emanations, that is, endorphins and dopamine and no more toxic poisons and insults – generate, with our words of psycho-energetic-neuro-biological super-ego and wake-up, neuronal activation “beneficial”. Those dopamine and endorphins connected, connected to the emotional states of deep, abysmal pleasures, of force terremotante instinctual of the ecstasy that the patient needs. More “raise” the patient in these “enjoyment of his super-ego, and the more manifest the basic principles of neuroniche manifestations constituting the” new ways sympathetic “.
                    Chapter 12 (Twelfth Passage)
My therapeutic School of care, through the establishment of new pathways of nervous conduction – activated by the humoral induction of “Positive Relapse” – can be described in a data which, however in fact, is in the bottom of the same patient. Descending into his inferno, with the notes of his pain gathered and, by engaging, recalling, repeatedly, obsessive and symbolically of the patient’s secret enjoyment, the therapeutic treatment is unfolded and, by induction of synaptogenesis, it will trace it back into its own interpretation of the original self. The recovery of the Superegoica appropriation will keep him away from the afflictive – degenerative experience – of the humiliation and his previous “shown” annihilation. It, and only it, has generated – as source of source – the symptomatology and pathology of the neurodegenerative disease of the horrific, infernal, and Alzheimer’s. Through an adequate confidential interview Possiamocoltivare and create – from the abyssal intimacy of instinct – the success of the correct behavioral recovery of Alzheimer’s disease. If, through the instinctual confession of suffering, the capture of one’s despair is fulfilled, where the humiliation of the self has generated the origin of the ill-being transformed into devastating neurological disease, we can dismiss this cursed evil. Rovesciandovi, from the counter-order opposition of neuronal genesis (i.e. dopamine instead of toxic insults) molecular mechanisms of regenerative activation of the central nervous system. It is important to understand an elementary inner process that injuring the patient’s soul strikes him not only in what he had believed – as a subjective interpretation of recognition – but depresses, attacking, the entire conformation of underlying utilization of the conduction and physiological nervous condition of the CNS (central nervous system). When faith is removed from the old man, especially when “the Elder’s brain perceives” the humiliation of the super-ego “, it strikes deeply, radically, with only pride but the same neurobiological structure that underlies the conduct of nerve impulses. It generates a Daità degenerative phenomenology that is equazionale and proportional to the structured investment, psychic ego and Super ego anchored in its own self. It is all the more devastating the physiology of neuronal devastatorie consequences as more psychologically is in the subject “rigidly” structured the description of one’s self. Every action that makes him suffer in the ego, finalizes his neuronal degenerative pathway through his own ascertained presences of the immissions of deadly “toxic insults.” “Hindering” figures that wither the settings of neurological interactions. The positive or negative energy, i.e. well-being or ill-being of the psychic substance, describes its own stays in the inner life of neuronal histopathological absorption. The characterization of these consequences is the etiological state of dopaminergic neurons, capable of generating and degenerating the quality of the nervous tissue. Already the psychoanalytic literature – in the comparatively meaningful horizon procedure that tends – informs us that a world divided by its own emotional is symptomatic of “schizophrenia”. The punishment that subject to the humiliation and frustration of one’s self – generically – in the ultra Seventies then can be interpreted on the parallel tracks of the dissolving of dopaminergic neurons. And, above all, terrifically worse, in the autoinput from the CNS of chemical poisons, the toxic insults. Referentially, in the seventy having been betrayed, humiliated his own innermost self, having been deceived the concept that one has of his own personality as the world of the ego, a reaction occurs. From the histopathological point of view one observes that the local processes of the Motoneuron maintenance of synaptogenesis, of neurogenesis ignite. It happens, endogenously, is a dramatic, devastating, terrifying transformation of the “quality” of neuronal inputs, culminating in a pathology of neurodegeneration, of synaptic devastates in the central neuronal system. The consequent loss – at the end of the process – of cognitive functions shows us the terrifying inexorable, destructive of the journey of the toxic energy generated by the humiliation of the first psychic activity (of the subject of Alzheimer’s disease). Where I and the self for many years – often well beyond the beginning of the retirement age – have scanned and maintained the order of neurobiological functioning. The therapeutic treatment of Alzheimer’s disease must give the patient a hope, it is there that the therapeutic language must liberate – after obsessive stress – the dopamine, the neutrofine. Natural. They, and only they, activate the processes
By engaging the motive of despair, we engage the causality of degeneration and impairment of the correct functionality of the central nervous system. By matching the therapeutic care to the “need” instinctual of the super-ego, of the sick, acting in the repairing thickness of the hope supported by the universe of indicators of therapeutic attitudes “positive”, we subtract it from the devastating nihilism Psiconeurobiologico. With such modalities of “address of care” Our sphere of intervention and salvation will be able to determine with “manipulation for induction” of “positive Relapse” the “New Creation” of the inner central nervous system. By participating – with the data of Neuropsicobiologica knowledge – to their frustrated, humiliated interiority, we will flourish from the acceptance of discovering the patient’s instinctual super-ego needs, the instants of recognition, activation and reorganization of neuronal communications. Constituting – in fact – new synaptic pathways in the central nervous system. In order to cope with the degeneration of the central neuronal system, therapeutic care must show (patient-sick) a different, exhaustive, recovering of the self. By arousing the “positive” psychological reaction, it is not only the patient’s attention but the scientific point of view – a tendency to recover and preserve the memory trace. It “bypasses” the destruction of the dead nerve centers in the pathogenesis. instead – Sostitutivamente – “recovered” effective self-regeneration of new neurofilaments. Thus – in the sick – these my therapeutic forms generate new psychic beginnings; Transporting energy forces tend to be transmitted and entered into the progression of the new evolution of its neurological function. By feeding the growth and maintenance of stem cells even adult lying “reserve” in the central neuronal system is accessed in the determination of the “new” structure of neurotransmitter synaptogenesis. containing the transport of the essential molecules for the functional maintenance of the axon. Deepening the topic of therapeutic practice, in fact it is precisely the protagonist – Alzheimer’s disease who chooses his desires (even and sometimes especially those who can not,, should not confess). They are essential requirements. of the sick and therapeutic treatment. His confessed fantasies fight loneliness and sickness. He is recreated in a fictitious life. In it lives its care. Only in them (fantasies – needs) and “natural Way” is the antidote to the disease that torments him.
The formal contribution of the “Psychology of Ecstasy”, subordinate to the driving stresses of fundamental indications and demands of instinctual abyss, “freed” from the speculative procession of the creation of a super-ego line, it constitutes the assumption that it activates-precisely in the fulfilment of the instinctual requests of super-ego-the construction and attendance for phylogeny of new synaptic pathways, real bridges of synaptic circumnavigation, qualifying for development and alternative overcoming with definitive checkmate to the deadly evil of plaques , which still remain immovable, depowered of its own functions of chilling monster of neuronal death. The emotional dimension, the humoral factors, damage the energy boost to the same physiology of the occurrence of the pathology in the belonging that is shown in the good or evil. In the therapeutic deltrattamento qualitative evaluation, the approach is therefore structured on the basis of the emotionality, on the humoral factors and particularly on the instinctual (unconscious and/or conscious) desire that the patient feels. To offer the patient, to the sick, “his desire” projects us in man where the sense of self lives his own neuronal projection. In recalling the missing but desired sense of the self in the instinctual abysses defuses the pathological chronic degenerative character. Intended to recover the lost neurological features, giving a non-unpredictable turn to the contribution of the psychology of super-ego ecstasy in the consequence of therapeutic treatments. and clinical trials. Apriori we must know that there is a communication, an energetic communion, a thickness of active participation of natural dopamine and neurotrophins, in the need for and in the existence of affections and needs. They elaborate and conduct the nerve filaments in their own and specialized functions of specific tissues, capable of responding to these signals. Natural CNS dopamine and neurotrophins in obtaining for autogenesis stimulated by super-ego esaltatoria excitation humoral factors, maintain this ability to grow; In the early stages they are similar to embryogenesis. Nothing prevents us from proceeding in this direction, indeed it is precisely the knowledge of the origin
                 Chapter 13 (Thirteenth Passage)
The energetic laws of neuronal autorenewal
The reason of the therapeutic and clinical care is strongly, significantly, tratteggiataesclusivamente in the quality of the biochemical psycho energetic laws of the CNS. Soliciting them through desires, passions, the instinctual abyssal needs of the sick turns out to be the clinical-therapeutic enterprise that alone challenges the terrible forces of Alzheimer’s pathology. My studies in patients have shown me that my technique has had the power to stress the constructive renewal of a new and renewed neuronal tissue of new synaptic pathways that adopts and performs the same structural and biochemical characteristics of dopamine neurons. Damaged in the central nervous system damaged, degenerated, just for exposure to strong, constant, obsessive, toxic insults. We have penetrated, thus both in the pathological characteristic of the disease and in the progression and formation of a replacement and alternative neuronal system that carries out the recovery and the correct organization of the neurotransmitters. restoring and restoring the functions of the central nervous system lost. The therapeutic and clinical identification (of care and prevention) in the immense richness of energy resources – intimately connected to the desires and needs of the instinctual abyss (const and unconscious) of the patient – MI they communicated that with the victory of the ego of the patient (through his highest degree of symbolic idealization selfish of the need of the self) he found himself resurgence of neuronal motor and new representation. He took the place. In him I see again to join, in the present of the self, the past and the future. I see the immensity of hope that enters not only in the presence of the ego but in the care. and prevention. In this context I can say that a kind of miracle saves every sick person (and family) from his ordeal. To immediately hunt down the degenerative factors (toxic insults) that enter the life of neuronal cells them and killing, it must be then the immediate clinical therapy that must preserve us from such serious, disabling pathological symptoms. And since we know that our destination of the character of the SNC has us, we can “adjust” it. Meeting, soliciting, by elaborating the hidden vitality in the natural dopamine of the CNS and in the Neurotrophins, with the only words “positive” (drawing on the needs, the needs, the abyssal desires instinctual of the patient) we can carry forward the neuronal reconstructive design that resonates only in its own autobiography. Having understood (and shown) that for genesis in the activity of the CNS own humoral factors determine our well-being or our unrest, we captured the invisible protagonist – but from the double face – of the human comedy. From the imagination of his own self he brought the old man to meet his destruction. Instead the outburst of the Alzheimer’s sufferer in the fantasies of his own abysses indispensable instinctual needs, of adverse reaction, arouse resurrection, regeneration, rescue. The central nervous system behind its apparent silence – but in fact behind invisible rules frequented – hurls the development of its realities. Not to understand them in the etiology is not only prefiguration of insolvent doctrinaire condition but a reversal of expectations of ever looming possibilities of disease. Up to show it in that terrible abyss, terrifying, chilling, of death of the neuronal capabilities of the CNS. Now with this treatise – A therapeutic chemical address – we have the crucial scientific and doctrinal tools to bring the central nervous system back into the induction function in the synaptogenesis. There we have the possible response of behavioral psychology to its needs. Having her betray has elevated the central nervous system to her collapse.
      Chapter 14 (Fourteenth passage)
The soul of the “I” and the “depersonalization” in the New frontier of the research the underground sources and the physiological deployment connections of the neuro-biological events were caught in the relationship of soldering the psychic rise. This research of Alzheimer’s care and prevention has taken them away from the chilling silence of the Traducibilita. In this enlightenment, scientifically, we wish for a deeper radicality and depth of knowledge revealing the scientific passages of the Ego’s soul and depersonalization. Precipices in the barati of dramatically visible neuroniche desertification… The ego rests on a underlying factor, the soul. This underline allows the implicit ‘ logic of therapeutic management actions. The primary significance of rising and reporting is in the unconscious abyss where the sources of the ego not only suffer and/or enjoy but above all manifest themselves in life or death, in health or disease… Knowing the steps we the way of practice. We tear the horizons to the dazzling truths. We collect the cries of the visitation. Osserviamole in the condition of structural manifestation. The evil of Alzheimer ie the UMLIAZIONE of the self. The soul of the ego is in the depersonalization but beside the emptiness of the real ego, the primordial operation of consciousness remains intact. The soul of the ego, however, always contains the a priori of his own source of existence, of his humours, of his genetic impulses of extreme lives of the psyche and from which consciousness emerges. The Sun of science shows that it is not the psyche in man, but the man is in the psyche. Know where to look teaches us about how to look. The archetypes are compared. Giving life to the images of the necessary and desired abyssal unconscious allows the finding and the therapeutic capture in a world of the patient cold, empty, grey, undefined. Imagination is soul. The image of desires and/or need is psyche. The vitalizing of the images leads to the psychological faith, that is, the patient’s awareness of being a personality bearer. The captured “personified” image restores the sense of the absolute throbbing ego and super-ego in the affirmations of its concessions. The therapeutic function moves from the image to the content, from the sensibilities of the immediacy of the “fantasies” to the psycho-neuro-biology of meaning. Recomposing the soul of the ego, we integrate to the conscience the functionality of possession of the contents of neurological characterization projected in the secret internalization of – invisible outside – targets crossed by the energy of the unified psyche to the tormented earthquakes of the unconscious, collected in the healing avenues of human existence. They bring to light the sources of health and/or diseases in the processes of unveiling characterizations. The histopathological features of CNS neurofilaments aggregate the gene compositions for the necessary maintenance and/or reconstruction of the molecular transports of neuroprotective properties involved in neuro-development and neuro-degeneration processes (Nguyen et al. 2001). The mechanisms of neuronal death and synaptic revitalization by induction have been in this research collected in the pathogenesis and reconstructive terminals of endogenous neuro-psychic motor present since the uptake of molecular reuptake agent biologically in the concessions of dopaminergic recovery of the nervous system.
The care and prevention of Alzheimer’s beyond the laws of ethics and deontology
Back in time is the direct relationship of research with success. I and my group of scientists researchers have traveled along the path of the nature of creation and evolution while the Japanese colleague Yamanaka and Gurdon (English) now awarded-year 2012-with the Nobel have forced the gene feedback of the path of stem cells, them to go back in time, leaving on the ground of the research the passages of the physiological incision retroactive (from the pluripotent to the specialized stem). Both me and my group, both Yamanaka and Gurdon, from the banks of time-albeit from different altars-we have broken the occlusive barriers of ethics and deontology, their killing is the source and indispensable foundation of science
In therapeutic chemical practice I left, even urged my patients, my Alzheimer’s sufferers to tyrannize in their demands. Their deep instinctual desires are their arrows that – in medical care – never have the poisons of aberration. The “worst” of existence in ethical philosophy can be the “best” of therapy. There are no in care and prevention – and science is the mother of logic – ethical and deontological protagonists to encumbered what the same nature is in the constitutive phenomenology of its physiological universe. We must not wait for the advent of new popes, new ethics, new access to their indispensable rights of the sick to be able to get out of the prisons of grief and – above all – from the overwhelming that determines it. Scientific research in the fight against suffering and pain may not be the first victim of those who want to restrict freedom of conscience, freedom of knowledge. The scientific freedom of research devas to save the man in order not to rot before he dies. To us – researchers and obsessive scholars – it only affects the true from the false, to free from suffering and pain the man.

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