(Predgovor. Te raziskave se dopolni z ogromno odkritje vzrok za nastanek Alzheimerjeve bolezni, je bila “financirala Japonska in japonski sredstva. Po letu 2001)



On 20th of September 2017, Rome. The discoverer of the source cause of  Alzheimer’s disease, researcher of psycho-neurobiology, Dr. Angelo Puz reveals to the scientists present at the World Alzheimer’s Day conference his colossal discovery, for the first time in the world, of the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease: “Correspondence’s double way of humoral factors and production of dopamine, connected with the super-ego, and/or connected with ego depersonalization”. (Discoverer, the psycho-neurobiology researcher, Dr. Angelo Puz’, worldwide existence, Nobel Prize Candidate).


Revolutionary discovery by the legendary Dr. Angelo Puz’, who demolished the historical paradigm, which had obsessively been shared by researchers of Alzheimer’s disease from all over the world for a hundred years. Based on the starting idea that the memory is located in the hippocampus. Therefore all researchers of Alzheimer’s disease have inductively directed and focused all their research into the hippocampus for a hundred years. In Alzheimer’s disease, the hippocampus (the seat of memory) is the first brain region to be damaged by memory deficits. On the contrary, the legendary Dr. Angelo Puz’ has determined, identified and recognized that the cause of the origin of Alzheimer’s disease has been in a deeper area of the central nervous system, the ventral tegmental area, for a hundred years. The legendary worldwide existence Dr. Angelo Puz’ has restricted the revolutionary discovery to the psycho-neurobiological structure of “humoral factors and dopamine production” for the first time in the world. He enlightened his doctrine as follows: “Correspondence’s double way of humoral factors and production of dopamine, connected with the super-ego, and/or connected with ego depersonalization. This amazing and revolutionary discovery of the psycho-neurobiology researcher Dr. Angelo Puz’ has discredited the incurability of the Alzheimer’s disease, the evil of the century, and has given every human being and the doctrine of Alzheimer’s disease the way to go. Humoral factors and dopamine are the unique key to physiology and/or pathology, just as I have shown in this new revolutionary frontier of the etiopathogenesis of the characterization of Alzheimer’s disease and its overcoming.


I want to thank the scientists all over the world who have been supporting me and writing to me for many years and who have shown to be enthusiastic about my revolutionary doctrinal orientation, through which I have determined the cause of the Alzheimer’s disease in the “humoral factors and dopamine” (Ventral Tegmental Area) and I have overthrown and erased  the historical paradigm used by all the researchers of the world, who have been obsessively worrying about  researching the cause of the Alzheimer’s disease in the hippocampus, seat of memory, (in this regard, I will divulge here some communication scientists from all over the world sent me). I also thank the millions of visitors from all over the world who have visited, visited and studied on my sites I have opened in North America (Canada), South America (Brazil), Europe.

Now, however, against research colleagues, thieves, cheats and plagiarists (sucked in, upon the attempt of thief and/or plagiarism of my discovery, by huge monetary funds made available by national and international governments, so they try to steal my discovery), and even against their rulers in bad faith or good faith, I publish and show here undisputed title of my discovery of the origin of the Alzheimer’s disease I have identified in the “ humoral factors and dopamine” for the first time in the world. In this essay published in 2006, I reveal to the knowledge and the universal doctrine that the discoverer of humoral factors and dopamine, as a cause of Alzheimer’s disease, is the Dr. Angelo Puz’.


First Full success Alzheimer’s disease. The colossal, revolutionary discovery of the  “Correspondence’s double way of humoral factors and production of dopamine (Ventral Tegmental Area discovered in 1987 by Dr. Oades), connected with the super-ego, and/or connected with ego depersonalization” which reflect and constitute the physiological or pathological field of the central nervous system since the “feeling received” in the pulsing of acted ignition and not only underground path of crossing of the endogenous condition (I make an extreme and horrible example, for an easier comprehension: someone who suffered a terrible monstrous abuse and was sodomized, if he/she meets the persons or the herd sodomizing and humiliating him/her, immediately, that is, from the throbbing of the feeling created and triggered by the encounter with its sodomizer demon, the Ventral Tegmental Area strongly reduces dopamine production up to the degenerated depletion in the introduction of “toxic insults” into the central nervous system, as an example from the opposite side of sensation, that is, the one that gives ecstasy to the super-ego, there is an increase in quantity and quality of dopamine production).

Discoverer ANGELO PUZ (Nobel Prize Candidate).


Among all the inventions of the intellect, in the immanent previous scientific and/or doctrinal invisibility, nothing has been more fascinating to me than dragging to the surface the discovery of the cause of the origin of Alzheimer’s disease: “Correspondence’s double way of humoral factors and production of dopamine, connected with the super-ego, and/or connected with ego depersonalization”. (Twenty years of research without stop on the terrible Alzheimer’s disease, carried out and lived all over the world, have given me unspeakable joy and, with the colossal discovery for the benefit of humanity, the feeling of having expanded the time of human existence. Psycho-neurobiology researcher Dr. ANGELO PUZ’, DISCOVERER, WORLDWIDE EXISTENCE. A discovery published in 2010 in Canada, Montreal. All the scientists involved in the cure, cause and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease  from all over the world, have been following the orientation or main path of my “SCIENTIFIC PROTOCOL” for years.


Attention: “If you copy a scientific discovery of others and register it as yours, in addition to committing a (infamous) crime, you are criminally committing material and moral damage to the true author and owner of the discovery”.

Therefore be careful at Alzheimer’s researchers from all over the world! And beware of publishing through all worldwide scientific information media.

Against the attempts to embezzle the intellectual property of the discovery of the cause of Alzheimer’s disease (HUMORAL FACTORS AND DOPAMINE) that belongs to the only and the first discoverer in the world, the researcher of psycho-neurobiology Dr. Angelo Puz’, against the plagiarists and fraudulent people, below, I show a further previous publication of mine dated 2006, where I state that humoral factors and dopamine are the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

The researcher of psycho-neurobiology Dr. Angelo Puz’ is the one and only discoverer of the source cause of Alzheimer’ s disease  in the world. “HUMORAL FACTORS AND DOPAMINE”.

In defence of cultural property, I show below my entire research essay and my immense, colossal and revolutionary discovery published in 2006, where humoral factors and dopamine are identified as the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease. “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s”.


I publish and show the unequivocal proof that even since 2006 (and not only since 2010 when in Montreal, I have made official, as millions of visitors of my site Alzheimer’s disease open in Canada know, my discovery of the cause of Alzheimer’s disease to the world) I have discovered the source cause of the Alzheimer’s disease , that is “Humoral Factors and Dopamine”.


Below I show my essay of 97 pages “Così ho sconfitto ma anche prevenuto l’Alzheimer” (How I defeated and also prevented the Alzheimer’s disease) published in 2006. This is the first doctrinal work of recognition and activation by induction of neurotrophins in synaptogenesis. Humoral factors and dopamine are the cause, cure and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Discovery published – I repeat – in 2006.


We inform you that against the attempts already made (in bad faith or in good faith) to embezzle the intellectual property of my resounding and revolutionary discovery, in June 2018, by Japan,  there will be the announcement and the worldwide media spread that researcher of psycho-neurobiology, Dr. Angelo Puz’, is the discoverer of the source cause of the Alzheimer’s disease (HUMORAL FACTORS AND DOPAMINE, published in 2010 in Montreal, Canada).


As currently known to many university professors but also to many famous scientific information media, in my lectures, seminars, interviews in North America (Canada, USA), and South America (Brazil), the owner of the discovery and property of the discovery of the source cause of the evil of Alzheimer’s disease is Dr. Angelo Puz’ who published it in a special site created and opened in 2010, in Canada, Montreal. In Italy, such a young professor Marcello D’Amelio published in 2017 on “Nature Communications” the identical total reproduction of my discovery, even in the title of chapter 9 of my protocol (Humoral Factor and Dopamine as the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease). This young man was already informed in 2017 by Dr. Paulette Paola Ievoli, a French translator of my Alzheimer’s disease protocol, that Marcello D’Amelio had faithfully reproduced as I had discovered and published in 2010, in Canada, Montreal, that is to say humor factors and dopamine as the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease.


Dr. Angelo Puz’, worldwide existence, Institute of psycho-neurological sciences, Maceiò, Alagdas, Brazil, in partnership with Tokyo, Japan.


Photo above: Another sensational scientific discovery carried out with ultra-very powerful electronic media concerning the discovery and “the scientific protocol” for the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s, by the psycho-neurobiology researcher, Dr. Angelo Puz (Discoverer of the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease). In the photo, progenitor cells, descending from neural stem cells (green) produced in very old brains, also found post-mortem and also confirmed post-mortem. Human and animal physiology. (Human Hippocampal Neurogenesis Persist Throughout Aging. Cell Stem, 2018).


Here instead, in the picture below, I recall the date of the sensational and infinite “discovery of apperception and vision”, which occurred and happened in the year 2001.

Specifically in the photo below it is portrayed the (celebrated) victim of Alzheimer’s disease who has opened up to Dr. Angelo Puz the access to the colossal and revolutionary DISCOVERY OF THE SOURCE CAUSE OF ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE. “HUMORAL FACTORS AND DOPAMINE”, published in 2010, in Montreal, Canada.  For the first time in the history of mankind and especially in pworldwide scientific doctrine, Alzheimer’s disease is no longer a dramatic and devastating incurable evil, but it is treatable and preventable. The Researcher of psycho-neurobiology Dr. Angelo Puz’, the author of the sensational and revolutionary discovery for the benefit of humanity.


Photo taken in the land, historic, family properties of the current Republic of Croatia.


In the picture below another famous case of neurological reactivation occurred using the foundation of the “scientific protocol” (HUMORAL FACTORS AND DOPAMINE) we publish here, in this site of advanced doctrine of Alzheimer’s disease.


Eder Jofre, one of the greatest boxers of all time, twice world champion, suffering from neuronal degeneration at the age of 75, has been completely recovered in neurological functions in the central nervous system, not only with the usual drug administration, practically ineffective if not completely useless, but also above all through the use of the same indications of this revolutionary, triumphant scientific protocol entered into world literature. Focused on the induced activation of the absolutely necessary production of dopamine (Ventral Tegmental Area). An induced production of dopamine, activated by the methodological and therapeutic appeal of the historical and grandiose super-ego of the great former world champion who, with this insistence appealing to his famous and legendary super-ego, activates again a much greater production of dopamine, both in quantity and quality. Now the entire scientific protocol of Dr. Angelo Puz’, DISCOVERER OF THE SOURCE CAUSE OF THE ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE (HUMORAL FACTORS AND DOPAMINE) is entirely posted on this specialist site of Alzheimer’s disease.


Rome, Italy, on 20th of September 2017. World Alzheimer’s Disease Day. Conference in the Capitoline hall. I, the discoverer of the source cause of the Alzheimer’s disease, Dr. Angelo Puz’, from North-America (Canada) and South-America (Brazil), expound my colossal and revolutionary discovery published in 2010 in Montreal, Canada, by enlightening the scientific protocol concerning “cause, treatment and prevention” of Alzheimer’s disease to an audience of well-known doctors working in the Alzheimer field. They were stunned, while the highest institutional authorities, researchers, Alzheimer scholars applauded enthusiastically.


In the picture: Dr. Angelo Puz, the one and only in the Alzheimer’s disease in the world, discoverer of the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease. Rome, World Alzheimer’s Disease Day. World Conference.


This twenty-year research successfully conducted and accomplished across the planet for the benefit of humanity by the researcher of psycho-neurobiology, Dr. Angelo Puz, is officially and scientifically part of the universal doctrine. For the first time in human history it is used as global, planetary scientific reference in the guideline for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, this same scientific protocol is a guide for use in the same prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. The huge discovery of the cause of origin of Alzheimer’s disease (humoral factors and production of dopamine, connected with the super-ego, and/or connected with ego depersonalization) carried out by the researcher of psycho-neurobiology, Dr. Angelo Puz, published in Montreal, Canada, in 2010, has been financed all over the world since 2001 only with large monetary capital by Japan and Japanese funds that from the first moment believed in the mass of cerebral activity I transport in the central nervous system and that we have symbiotically found in all the steps and breaths of our earthly existence for 74 years.


The genius


For the first time in human history and in the doctrine I discovered the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease.


Dr. Angelo Puz


“Humoral factors and production of dopamine, connected with the super-ego, and/or connected with ego depersonalization”.


My great and revolutionary discovery of identification of the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease published in 2010 in Montreal, Canada, where I used to hold for months and months every year and since 2010 seminars, conferences enlightening my discovery of the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease, its treatment and prevention. I also gave interviews to the Canadian Radio of Montreal, and expounded  my published essays.


“An atomic bomb of new doctrine on Alzheimer’s disease”. For the benefit of humanity.


Now I immediately reveal the abysmal deep centre of occurrence of the colossal and sensational scientific discovery of the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease carried out by the legendary visionary Dr. Angelo Puz, “worldwide existence”.

An understanding of the physiology and / or human pathology of the central nervous system is subject to the illumination of its own foundation “preface”. This preface is: “Every, and of any kind, external and/or internal action always (similar to the Lavoisier law) has a reaction of humoral activation connected to the consequential arising of the unconscious impulse”. (In other words, it is similar to human life that corresponds to the beat of the heart).


In this described “physio-pathological genesis” of the central nervous system, “humoral factors and dopamine” have been normally and physiologically connected with super-ego  since its own personal “debut” of the “unconscious impulses” of the same activated super-ego.


The unconscious impulse of the superego with its induced sensations of internalization and conscientization, activates the conscious superego. And/or the humoral factors and dopamine are “connected with ego depersonalization”. This last endogenous path of the psycho-pathological aspect characterizes the “humiliation of the self”.


The humoral factors and dopamine (which – I repeat – are connected with superego or with the ego depersonalization) are activated in a mutual activation dependence between the superego and the biologically immediate dopamine production, as two sides of the same coin. These two “possibilities” of characterization of the humoral factors activating the superego or the depersonalization of the superego are, among themselves, from the arising, arisen drives, in alternative opposition in the morphology. Its dopamine production transport load (originating and proceeding from humoral factors) turns into neurotransmitter physiology.  According to the load (quantity and quality) of dopamine production, neurotransmitters carry their own physiological specificity: typology of the quality of neuronal well-being and the pathological dimension of neuronal deterioration.


As described above it is the colossal discovery of the genius Dr. Angelo Puz, identified for the first time in the history of humanity and in the doctrine. This colossal, great and revolutionary discovery was published in Canada in Montreal in 2010, where I signified my planetary existence with seminars, conferences, doctrinal meetings with scientists and Alzheimer’s patients, Canadian radio interviews, invitations to explain  my published essays:


– The “discovery sun” of the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

– The sun discovery of the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

– The sun discovery of the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

– “I make brains great again”.

– “The humoral factors and dopamine”.

– “Superego and depersonalization of the superego”.

– “Building bridges of new endogenous neurons”.














“I make brains great again”


(Inform. I have accepted the request sent to me from all over the world; coming soon online scientific consultancy pro person. No time limit to be near you, even from afar)


WARNING: Following is the electronic formatting (uppercase characters are printed with lowercase letters)


Dr. Angelo Puz, born 1944, from ex Jugoslavija, Crotia,             worldwide existence, discoverer of the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease, “Humoral factors and dopamine”, scientific protocol published in 2010 in Montreal, Canada, a discovery also verified with the most advanced electronic means in the world. In Italy mad available and financed by CNR (the National Research Council, granting and institution of the Italian government) for researchers who confirmed (and also published in the United Stated scientific reviews) the colossal discovery by Dr. Angelo Puz in 2017.


Dr. Angelo Puz, worldide existence. From Jugoslavija, “ Foreign Sorting Office” Udine (Vidom), year 1948, refugee, researcher of psycho-neurobiology, The greatest superhuman visionary among the greatest geniuses of all time in the “specific area of Alzheimer’s disease”.


Posted from Brazil, February 2018. “Centre for Studies and Research of Alzheimer’s Disease”.


Brazil. “ Centre for Studies and Research of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease” owned by Dr. Angelo Puz, discoverer of the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease. February 2018.



In the photo above, Montreal, Canada, 2015. The premier and head of the Government of Canada, Justin Trudeau and the psycho-neurobiologist of research Dr. Angelo Puz,  the discoverer of the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease (humoral factors and dopamine, chap. 9 of the protocol), celebrate in Montreal the colossal scientific discovery of Dr. Angelo Puz and the victorious election of Justin Trudeau.


First full success Alzheimer’s disease.


Genius Angelo Puz, doct. Maximum.


Discoverer of the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease.


By induction:


the discoverer of the care of Alzheimer’s disease


and its prevention.


In the picture: Rome, on 20th of September 2017. “Conference for the World Alzheimer’s Disease Day”. The psycho-neurobiology researcher reveals to the astonished, stunned scientists and researchers and to the very worried directors of the major pharmaceutical companies (they have designed a “village for patients with Alzheimer in Milan and Rome), his amazing discovery on the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease (humoral factors and dopamine, published in Montreal, Canada, 2010).




Dr. Angelo Puz, Researcher of worldwide psycho-neurobiology


Rome, on 20th of September 2017. “Conference for the World Alzheimer’s Disease Day”. Dr. Angelo Puz, the discoverer of the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease, directly reveals, for the first time in Italy, during his intervention, his revolutionary discovery on the source cause of the Alzheimer’s disease, to  many scientists and to the crowded audience of researchers, and to the directors of the major pharmaceutical companies, the governor of Lazio, Dr. Zingaretti, the female mayor of Rome, Dr. Raggi attending the conference.


My colossal discovery for the benefit of mankind was spread across the world in 2010 by me, in Canada, Montreal, through the publication of the “scientific protocol”.


First foundations and centrality of my colossal discovery.


(Implementing scientific procedure).


“Humoral factors and dopamine, the ventral tegmental area, have been linked (as two sides of the same coin) to the “mutual, biological, immediate “dependence” since the “drive” of the superego and/or since the “drive” to the depersonalization of the superego.


These two “possibilities” of characterization of the humoral factors activating the superego or the depersonalization of the superego are, among themselves, from the arising, arisen drives, in alternative opposition in the morphology. Its dopamine production transport load (originating and proceeding from humoral factors) turns into neurotransmitter physiology.  According to the load (quantity and quality) of dopamine production, neurotransmitters carry their own physiological specificity: typology of the quality of neuronal well-being and the pathological dimension of neuronal deterioration.


Nobel Prize Candidate for the discovery of the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease, treatment, prevention (published in Montreal, Canada, in 2010).



I show and review all the phases of my almost twenty-year research, carried out and verified often all over the world directly on Alzheimer’s patients, who were first tragically ruined by neurodegeneration and who have all been cured and recovered by me, by eliminating their tragic, devastating, cerebral annihilation of Alzheimer’s disease.


A consequent cure and signified by the colossal discovery of the cause of Alzheimer’s disease.


This cure is also very effective and very valid in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.





Scientists from all over the world, researchers from all countries and nationalities, visit the website of Dr. Angelo Puz, born in 1944, researcher of psycho-neurobiology who discovered, for the first time in the mankind history and official doctrine, the source cause of Alzheimer’’s disease (humoral factors and dopamine). The success has been and is worldwide and it has had and has a high clinical and therapeutic diffusion. My scientific protocol has already been implemented successfully in thousands of cases all over the world and has been verified daily and continuously, in practice and research, for many years, specifically since 2010 when I published in Montreal, Canada, my scientific protocol and spread it all over the world. I myself am called to treat and have successfully treated many Alzheimer’s patients around the world, giving them neuronal recovery.

To scientists and researchers of Alzheimer’s disease who write to me from all over the world and thank me in the name of science and humanity, I express my joy and admiration, for the enthusiasm that my discovery has generated in the world of worldwide science.




















































Genius. Angelo Puz Doctor Maximum


About me

Published on 6th of March 2016 y Angelo













































In the picture Dr. Angelo Puz (Andjelko Jenko Puz), visionary discoverer of the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease, that is to say humoral factors and dopamine, deppe area of the brain, ventral tegmental area, published in Montreal, Canada in 2010.



My discovery on the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease, that is to say “humoral factors and dopamine” has been historically carried out by the researcher of psycho-neurobiology Dr. Angelo Puz since 2010, where in the presence of an elderly Alzheimer’s patient (80 years old) and following a question like this: “How are you?”,  in receiving the answer : “Now, with your presence, fine”, the enlightened and enlightening vision of the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease, about the cure of the evil of the century and about its prevention was immediately activated. But only after nine years of studies and research directly on the Alzheimer’s patients, carried out all over the world, I created and formulated a whole scientific protocol, published and put online in a specific site of doctrine opened in Canada, Montreal, in 2010, site that has received the visit of 40,000 enthusiastic visitors per day.


The mankind and the scientific research need human genius.



The humoral factors and the immediate production of dopamine – in the ventral tegmental area, a deep area of the brain – are the seat of immediate psycho-neurological gene univocal convergence-based activation. They are biologically linked – in addition to the same subjective qualitative value – by immediate dependence, to superego and / or ego depersonalization. Agents in neurotransmitters carrying physiological and/or pathological specificity (With this revolutionary discovery the researcher of psycho-neurobiology Dr. Angelo Puz will won the Nobel prize).


Dr. Andjelo Jenko Puz


Nobel Prize Candidate for the cure of Alzheimer’s disease and its prevention


“The first discoverer in the world to identify the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease, its cure and prevention”.







Canada, Montreal, 2010


An interview of Dr. Angelo Puz, the discoverer of the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease , its cure and its prevention, at the Canadian radio in Montreal in 2010.



Totally exceptional worldwide doctor into “counter – current’s research”



Now, in February 2018, from Brazil, from the “Centre for Studies and Research of Alzheimer’s disease”, financed by Japan for 20 years, I publish some central passages of my scientific protocol  put online in a specific site of doctrine opened in Canada, Montreal, in 2010.



The signs of emotions studied on the brain


I, the first in the world




Alzheimer’s disease


and I prevent it like that



First worldwide work in the mankind history and doctrine.


The scientific protocol to activate in the central nervous system the already established presence of stem cells, dispersed in the adult brain, through the therapeutic technique of


 “Induction in synaptogenesis”








about humanity


Alzheimer’s disease


a workbook to accompany Alzheimer’s disease.





Request for permission to make copies of any part of the work should be mailed to:


Canada, Montreal, September 2010, re-edited in Brazil in January 2012. In Switzerland, Slovenia, Canada in 2015. In Brazil, “Centre for Studies and Research of Alzheimer’s disease”,

in February 2018







(Fifth passage)


Compensatory neurogenesis processes


The colossal discovery eliminating Alzheimer’s disease, used in clinical procedure



(seventh passage)


The endogenous production of dopamine in the deep area of the brain, the ventral tegmental area, and the endorphinic one, in self-recovery naturally carried out by the stem cells of the central nervous system that have been transformed into neuronal cells, in transmitter neurons.



Chapter 9 or ninth passage






(Tenth passage)







(Eleventh passage)





The “blocking” of dopamine depletion and/or emissions of “toxic insults” into the central nervous system.


Activation of increased production of natural “dopamine and endorphins” (ventral tegmental area)   in the establishment and reconstruction of “new synaptic pathways”.


“By building of bridges of new endogenous neurons”


We must, precisely by the overthrow of biochemical supplies of natural endogenous emanations, i.e. dopamine and endorphins, no more toxic poisons and insults, generate, with our words and expressions of psycho-energetic-neurobiological super-ego strength (activation of the patient’s superego drive), the beneficial neuronal activation, that is the dopamine and endorphin produced, connected, linked to an immediate univocal contemporaneousness, to the superego instinctive, healing state, abysmal humoral states, state of ecstasy, of needy and demanding, of unconscious pleasure of abysses that the patient needs.


The more the patient enjoys his superego, the more the basic principles of the reconstructive neuronal manifestations, new synaptic pathways and / or traits of new synaptic pathways are shown, by building bridges of new endogenous neurons”.



Chapter 12 (twelfth passage)


Dopamine produced from the deepest area of the brain, ventral tegmental area, and endorphins, generate neurosynaptogenesis treatment processes.


“By building of bridges of new endogenous neurons”


Activated by the humoral induction of positive relapse, i.e. recall and activation of the patient’s superego. The thread of cause, cure, prevention of Alzheimer’s disease in every human being.




Chapter 13 (thirteenth passage)


The energetic laws of neuronal self-renewal


“new neuronal bridges, built by new endogenous neurons”



Chapter 14 (fourteenth passage)


 The soul of ego, superego and ego depersonalization


The new frontier of “protocol and practice of doctrine”.


Alzheimer’s disease, that is to say the Humiliation of self.


The cure and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease beyond the laws of ethics and of the formal moralistic prohibitionist deontology


In the chemical-therapeutic practice I have left, even stimulated my patients, my Alzheimer’s patients to tyrannize in their exposures of requests, their unconscious instinctive wishes, needs recalled, collected and activated in carrying out the exercise. It is their arrows that, in medical care above all, never have the poisons of aberration. The “worst” of existence in ethical philosophy may be the “best” of therapy. There is no cure and prevention, and science is the mother of logic, ethical and deontological protagonists to overwhelm what nature itself examines in the constitutive phenomenology of its physiological universe. We must not wait for the coming of new popes, new ethics, new access to their indispensable rights of the patient in order to get out of the prisons of pain and, above all, the causes that determine it. Scientific research in the fight against suffering and pain can not be the first victim of those who want to place limits on freedom of conscience, freedom of knowledge. Scientific freedom must save man in order not to make him rot before he dies. All we, obsessive researchers and scholars, only care about  distinguishing the true from the false, to free mankind from suffering and pain.















Alzheimer: disease of the self


Alzheimer is the self disease


The humiliations suffered by the self (and / or those that the patient perceives as humiliating for their self) generate in the central nervous system the relapse of depletion and reduction of dopamine production from the deep area of the brain, ventral tegmental area, and / or generate emissions of toxic insults.


Beyond the verbal skirmishes of some miserable colleagues chained to involutionary dogma, overwhelmed by envy exploded in the abyss of hallucinated obsession, and in addition to the infamous attempts by infamous colleagues to steal the intellectual property of my revolutionary discovery of the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease (humoral factors and dopamine)  I note that my worldwide research (made together with so many daring researchers who accepted and followed my orientation), has registered very strong scientific adherences. Many doctors from France to Brazil ask me to work with me and with my group of scientists. According to the official doctrine, Alzheimer’s disease is not only incurable but not predictable. I say and answer: “NO” !!!. Alzheimer’s disease is preventable and predictable. It is also treatable. Logically, the higher is the neuronal damage, the more complex is the reconstruction of the synaptic pathways. From a strictly scientific point of view we already possess pillars that confirm the progress of my innovative treatment and prevention processes by induction in synaptogenesis. By reading and studying my research study and especially my revolutionary discovery, you will understand the need for a sense of openness beyond the chains of ethics, which is subject to the positive results of the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. The self can not be outraged and humiliated with impunity. The fallout of dopamine production in the advanced states of Alzheimer’s disease, occurs dopamine depletion, associated with the production and emission of toxic insults generated directly from the deep brain area, ventral tegmental area. And so the Alzheimer’s appears in the human existence. While from the point of view of the humoral factors, in the substantiality of enjoyment and happiness anchored in the bowels of the abysmal dimensions of the encounter and gathering of the instincts of the superego, directly forging the chrysalis of the self, we are able to highlight results of a high regenerative dimension of the system central nervous.


All over the world and in many research laboratories they follow my research orientation, which induces neuronal stem cells to transform into neuronal cells through the energetic thrust of emotions of enjoyment and / or happiness anchored to the superego’s activation. Already many years ago the University of Glasgow asked a group of Alzheimer’s patients to remember facts or happy moments of their own life. The results were positive. In the verifiable elementarities, the scientific echo of neuronal recovery shows the face of understanding and success in the induction of synaptogenesis. Indeed, in Brazil, in São Paulo, the elderly bedridden patients admitted to private clinics have been allowed and authorized to let their dogs in to visit their owners (obviously under prior health and hygiene animal checks).

Dr. Angelo Jenko Puz



Dr. Angelo Puz


(Born in 1944)


A life against human suffering and social injustice


My research’s work: psycho-neurobiology –  psycho-anthropology –  psychoanalysis of personality – Social Philosophy

The signs of emotions studied on the brain


I, the first in the world




Alzheimer’s disease


and I prevent and treat it like that


Since I discovered the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease


The first worldwide work of doctrine to activate the already established presence of stem cells dispersed in the adult brain. Through the therapeutic technique of induction in synaptogenesis.





about humanity


Alzheimer’s disease


a workbook to accompany Alzheimer’s disease.


Photographs by Todd Heisler – shows shins of Alzheimer’s disease into a more advanced ease.


All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage or retrieval system, without permission in writing from author.



Request for permission to make copies of any part of the work should be mailed to:



















Alzheimer’s disease


 Humiliation of self


Beyond the tragic, totally ineffective and dramatic and useless drug therapy.


A new way of treating Alzheimer’s disease and its prevention is in the regenerative mechanisms of the humoral factors of activation of dopamine production of the deep brain area, ventral tegmental area, arrived in doctrine from my discovery of the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease.


Published in Montreal, Canada, in September 2010, re-edited in Brazil in January 2012, and lately modified by my Centre for Studies and Research of Alzheimer’s disease in January 2018.



Notice to applicants for the protocol. I want to warn people, research institutes or entities characterized in the aetiological knowledge of Alzheimer’s disease that these pages sent on request and on a free voluntary donation to understand my therapeutic path – represent the exact summary, the very precise summary of a long, tiring and expensive scientific research, carried out since March 2001 all over the world with my specialized, multidisciplinary team of collaborating scientists or academics. This scientific summary made by me has the aspect of simplicity in the explanatory draft. All this in order to facilitate an immediate and sure interpretation of the underlying concepts and that, instead, in the academic work, is abstruse, as elaborated with principles of profoundly doctrinal clinical semantics. But in this reduced and easy projection of a demanding, continuous cognitive process, my thought of formulation for the cure and also for the prevention of Alzheimer’s remains absolutely identical and unchanged to the original psycho-neurobiology assay, since I have carefully summarized the main questions, evaluations and answers that my team of scientists and I have investigated and translated into the procedural and analytical complexity that:


  • Ask questions
  • defines terms and concepts accurately and precisely.
  • Examines the available evidence
  • analyses assumptions and biases
  • avoid oversimplification
  • defines and examines emotional reasoning
  • considers alternative interpretations
  • tolerates uncertainty when evidence is inconclusive



In following pages we will find their answers. It has consequences in the real world.



(second passage)


Exploration of the field of therapeutic discourse


1) Stem cells are present and are disseminated in the adult brain

(Gace, 2002, On Vertebrates and Goldman, 2003, on the human being).


2) These stem cells in the central nervous system can generate specialized dopaminergic neuron cells that perform the same functions as neurons.


3) Embarking on the pathway of specialized dopaminergic neuronal differentiation, they go towards the damaged neuronal area to replace in the functions – of the tissue they belong to – the “dead” neurons, victims of Alzheimer’s disease.


4) A further fantastic and extraordinary feature of the stem cell gene complement is the one in which its proteins exercise and perform the function of capturing the signals coming from the outside and delivering them within the physiology of the neuronal cells.


5) In this way proteins not only cause the cells to differentiate but also cause the cell itself to respond to these calls, to these signals.


These are the laws of nature of the functioning of the central nervous system of the human being. There I linked and enlightened  not only the roles played by the neuronal excitation of the activated superego and those manifested by the underground humiliation of ego depersonalization coinciding in the first case with the introduction of endogenous dopamine from the ventral tegmental area, and in the other case, with the devastating actions of a strong reduction of the production of dopamine and / or – in the most serious pathologies – from the eruption of endogenous toxic insults. Thus emotions are at the basis of the foundation of differentiated events and differentiators of the physiological relationships of the central nervous system.




I used the “natural” data for the self-recovery of neuronal function, to build my therapeutic practice of prevention and treatment, using the laws of compensatory neurogenesis, indicated by my collaborating scientists and me through a specific technique of induction in synaptogenesis. In this scenario of verifiability I accept with deep doctrinal satisfaction the scientific observations and the explicit explanations of my two colleagues, prof. H Mizoguchi and Machiko Matsumoto of the Health Science University of Hokkaido, Ishikari, who together with two other professors Kiguchi and H. Nagase, attending international neuroscience seminars, have taken steps of scientific reinterpretation under my instructions and direction. For the moment, I have elaborated the first vital impulse of the channeling of my therapy on the so-called incurability of the Alzheimer’s disease.




(Third passage)









“In the construction of the research, ended up in the colossal discovery of the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease”







The historical dynamics of human genesis in aetiology


This research is introduced into a journey back in time split by the deafening noise of the first dynamic, transformative and evolutionary formation of life – birth and growth -. From that first moment of existence and subsequent molecular decompositions, my group of scientists and I have retraced the events of the foundations of energetic transformative characterizations of psychobiology and of which specialized stem cells are the finalization created precisely by the original pluripotent ones. Japanese Yamanaka received the Nobel prize for his stem cell research. Yamanaka and Gurdon have reprogrammed the events of stem cell births with a genetic modification of the cellular path in a reversal of the temporal path that is no longer evolutionary but involutive, that is to go back in time, exactly as my scientists and I have determined in the research work beyond pharmacology, without pharmacology. Every living being, in its genetic and / or morphological characteristic, is linked to specific adaptive advantages. Confirmation now also comes on in the laboratories. In 21 years of testing, the Escherichia coli bacteria, cultivated at the University of Michigan, produced 41 mutations over 20 thousand generations, and the adaptive need, created or formed in combination with protection mechanisms, was observed by Yokoyama and colleagues comparing the lepidopus fichti or scabbardfish, which lives in deep sea, and other surface fish. The mutation that generated the sensitivity to the blue colour occurred because in the amino acid chain one molecule (the eighty-sixth) of one of the proteins involved in sight was evolutionarily lost.


“Law of utility” and “Law of survival”


biological aspects of “maintaining” and “overcoming” in evolutionary transformism


Along the channels of “time” and “space”, the brain has also come to light from that dimension of creative activity that is usually and generically conceptualized with the identifying term of “nature”, scientifically accessing cognition. The path of the brain, in the endogenous characterization, undergoes two incompatible, fantastic impulses of self-attributing genesis, in which, in the metatemporal centrality of repetition co-action, it is founded, maintained, developed, only if it overcomes the quantum validation of the “law of utility” and “law of survival”. To verify these biological aspects of maintenance and overcoming, i.e. transformism and evolutionism, it is enough to observe in any anthropological museum the terrifying self-evolutions of our human race, exposed there as a devastating sense of warning. As in various temporal frames, we now have before our eyes only ghostly skulls, which, in a terrifying human composition, directly evoke the tragic evolutionary solitude of the human race. “Behind” the skulls, as a litmus test, there were not only beings who now emerge from their metatemporal window to “disrupt” posterity, but above all there is an extraordinary source for “enlarging” and “suggesting” a deeper and more real organization of scientific thought on the energy assumptions of psycho-biological induction to life.


Nature is in the energy assumptions of psycho-biological self-induction to life.


In billions of years of neuroistocompositive responses that are primarily required by any form of life on the planet, a regenerative governing structure has been created and composed, instrumental to the completion of its own functional needs. Through a cycle of transformations, specialized cells have opened up to life constituting themselves in the characters of the various tissues arranged in differentiation. This peculiarity is proper to every single species, including mankind. But in this work of self-construction and self-maintenance and self-overcoming, there is not only the force exerted by these activations. Worldwide researchers has already observed that every single tissue  has generated and introduced within itself a recruitment of different cell call,  in the specific agents and that in a configuration orientation has the task and the ability to defend the “life” of one’s own tissue. In the differentiation potential of the same stem cells that can be pluripotent, multipotent stem cells and unipotent stem cells, the established presence of groups of stem cells disseminated in the central nervous system both of babies and adult people and which are endogenously able to give life to specific ways of neuron differentiation, becomes the crossroads, literally my centrality together with the  scientific researchers who ardently support and collaborate with the planning stage of my research. A research driven in the dramatic, infernal scenarios of the terrible Alzheimer’s disease for the recovery of brain function, through therapeutic treatments of induction in synaptogenesis. With a specific psycho-neuro stimulation technique, the signs of emotions have not only been observed on the brain for a few years but above all have activated regenerative mechanisms of the central nervous system, which have been used and exploited by me for induction treatments in synaptogenesis. The best researchers from around the world such as Bob Kerbel, James Perry and Massimo Lombardi are following my scientific protocol of induction in synaptogenesis to activate stem cells.


“The Superego”


Psycho-biological deployments approached to consciousness


In my therapeutic method to defeat Alzheimer’s disease and also on the statements to prevent it, an inviolate land of psycho-biological procedures and deployments has emerged, addressed to the patient’s consciousness, because I have directly related them to the language of the laws that govern the uneasy human nature of the superego. A human nature harassed by ethics, hallucinations of the unresolved suffering of the ego, perceived and recognized only initially by the patient, who is still conscious of self.



(Fourth passage)



Traditional science get down to Alzheimer’s disease


Through my colossal discovery on the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease (HUMORAL FACTORS AND DOPAMINE), I have, we have, the science has overcome the historical definition of “Incurable disease”


The encounter with the pain, the encounter with the humiliation of the self.


The encounter with Alzheimer’s disease.


The neuroimaging of MRI shows the terrifying pathology of Alzheimer’s disease. The “plates”, irremovable and inflexible to any research strategy, still nail science to impotence and deliver it to the literature with the dramatic term of “incurability”. In the scientific universe, strongly connected to the institutes and research laboratories, open and operative all over the world, the measurement of attempts at understanding and solution is only accompanied by the traditional and classical evaluation equation paradigm: because the thickness and the area of the pathological damage is not reduced and does not diminish, also the attempts made by the researchers are consequently wrong, burnt among the ashes of the investigative failure. There the absolute interpretation and “totalitarian” understanding can also be wrong. The main aspect of my research and the definitions of the therapeutic method of treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease meets by right the requirement that links the question to its resolution.



Through my colossal discovery on the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease

I defeated


Alzheimer’s disease.


I prevent


Alzheimer’s disease


(Fifth passage)


The traditional “incurability” of Alzheimer’s disease overcome with a procedural clinical disruption


Compensatory neurogenesis processes


Reconstruction and recovery of the central nervous system


Induction in synaptogenesis


The reconstruction and recovery  of a correct conduction of nerve impulses in the central nervous system occurs with the energetic stimulation of the mother cells (stem cells), that is embryonic neurotransmitters, where I trace new neurofilaments. New endogenous bridges of new neurons, thanks to the stem cells present and disseminated in the adult brain and which were first observed in literature by Gage, 2002 and Goldman, 2003. In the doctrine, my strategic procedure are called  compensatory neurogenesis processes of induction in the constitution of synaptogenesis.


The anatomical features of stem cells of the central nervous system.



On experiments tested on mice, stem cells of the central nervous system, in particular those of the damaged areas, are directed towards the damaged area and are differentiated into dopaminergic neurons. The literature has affirmed the above and has stopped here. Depending on my experience as a researcher, in treatment and prevention and in on a logic that is at the same time directly related to the causality (ie, if the damage occurs in an area of the central nervous system, stem cells not only emigrate to the damaged areas but even by themselves they turn into dopaminergic neurons) that you must act to find a cure for Alzheimer’s. In fact, to make it understand similarly with a metaphor, it is as if we observed a dramatic scene where a child slips into the tumultuous water of a river and a rescuer throws himself into the whirlpools to save him but drowns and dies. We propose again the same dynamics of stem cells that (even turning into dopaminergic neurons) run to rescue the damaged neural area of the central nervous system, and there, in that neuronal area of dopamine depletion, also affected by toxic insults, they die. That’s how the pathology, the neuronal deficit not only stops, but extends.



(sixth passage)


The extraordinary exceptional aetiological novelty is that


Stem cells in the rescue turned into dopaminergic neurons and emigrated to the damaged area to replace the neurons suffering from Alzheimer’s, so to make the brain tissue they belong to, work, are swallowed by a desertification of non-continuity neurotransmission, dopamine depletion. And / or these new neurons in constitutive processes are poisoned, they die because that area is an “area of serious toxic insults” and that has already killed, by poisoning and suffocating them, the other lying neuronal cells. In this way the pathology extends and the disease gets worse.


We must stop the endogenous source of depletion or reduction of dopamine production with associated pathological degenaration triggered also by the endogenous source of toxic insults. The tragic source of endogenous production of dopamine depletion or reduction and / or toxic insults is determined by what is unbearable for the deep central nervous system. The psychological malaise of continuous and continuous humiliation that hurts the superego, humiliation of the self, appears with the neuro-degenerative onset, characterized by Alzheimer’s disease. A reversal and behavioural reversal is required trigging, in the most serious cases of the disease, a re-initiation of the dopamine production in the ventral tegmental area. Dopamine endogenously produced and released by ecstasy and superegoic satisfaction of the patient’s secret needs. As a result, the neuro-damaged dimension of the pathology not only stops immediately, but a new frontier of new nervous filaments and tracts appears. Endogenously, the construction of new bridges of new endogenous neurons begins.  The instinctive enjoyment of abysses is connected immediately, physiologically to the activation of the invisible pulsation of the superego, in the deep area of the brain, ventral tegmental area, site of dopamine production. From the depths of the brain to the phases of communication and interaction of new synaptic pathways in the central nervous system, now, with such behavioural reversal, stem cells that have been transformed into dopaminergic neurons, replace those neurons that are sick or poisoned or dead by autogenous action. The neuronal tissue of the central nervous system will be operational again, according to and in accordance with its own dimension of the neuronal gene character. Without being more poisoned, killed by the ventral tegmental area that no longer puts into circulation the depletion or reduction of the production of dopamine and / or concomitant toxic insults, but introduces dopamine, the patient will no longer be in the hell of nothingness and starts to be present in himself/herself.


Thanks to my therapy


thanks to my discovery,


thanks to my worldwide studies and research,


thanks to my will and passion,


thanks above all to my anti-conformism (in research, studies and life),


and not only to the talent that mother nature has given me.




(seventh passage)


Symptoms and consequences


Self-recovery performed in nature by stem cells


The extent of the endogenous dopamine and endorphinic response of the creative activity in the healing of damaged and / or diseased biological tissues and organs, assessed with different deficit scales, is exogenously developed using pharmacology, transplants or, where possible legislatively , with the still experimental stem cell grafts. But as regards specifically all degenerative diseases of the central nervous system (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS), pharmacology, despite the enormous efforts of the research, has not managed to cure and eradicate the deterioration yet or even offer a line of cognitive recruitment for preventive approaches. From this general and terrible observation in the evaluative reflex, the devastating awareness of a current incurability of the infernal Alzheimer’s disease comes out specifically. But if we go beyond the path of pharmacological elaborations that have been proved to be useless, insufficient, current studies allow access to line contents that already support, also from an aetiological point of view, my vision about a cure and prevention.



(Eight passage)


Fundamental aspects of literature


The compensatory neurogenesis processes


There is a peptide, the growth factor alpha (tgf – a) that intervenes in the repair processes of various organs. When experimenting with mice, when the amount of tgfa available to the cells was increased, it was observed that the tgfa increases the proliferation of stem cells when it is injected into the brain (Fallon and other groups, 2000). In mice with the damaged central nervous system, it is observed that the stem cells go to the damaged area and turn into dopaminergic neurons, while in healthy mice with the injection of the alpha growth factor, the peptide that intervenes in the processes of repair of various organs, we note that, after a few days, the proliferation of stem cells stops. This is significant because stem cells, as the tissue they belong to does not need any help, they do not continue to help it. It is therefore very important to recognize this natural cellular rescue process, because it is parallel to the recovery of the functions lost due to the damage of the nigro-striatal area. (Fallon and other groups, 2000).



Chapter 9 or Ninth passage.


Humoral factors and dopamine


in the reconstruction and degeneration of the central nervous system.


After tgf-a, Kuhn et al found the egf (epidermal growth factor) and fgf2 (fibroblast growth factor 2).Furthermore, as a value emancipation of curative and preventive constitution, Benraiss, 2001, discovered the bdnf (brain derived neurothropic factor) that has the specific operative quality of inducing the differentiation of the neurons which occupy, invade the neostriatum. In addition, the nerve growth factor (ngf) is the prototype of neurotrophins or nerve growth factors and they seem to possess the task of recruiting new neurons in non-neurogenic encephalic areas. I have drawn all these characteristics of the aforementioned neurotrophins to the attention of scholars, readers, researchers, because in my therapeutic way of treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s with specific technique of inductive recall in synaptogenesis, it has carried out the recruitment, differentiation and the replacement of neurons damaged because of  Alzheimer’s disease.



(Tenth passage)


My great, colossal and revolutionary scientific protocol of care for the benefit of mankind.


The gene set of some stem cell proteins is able to pick up the signals coming from the outside and deliver them inside the cells.


Always remember that, when you are treating an Alzheimer’s patient, you are not alone. Remember that even in the most serious cases of illness, where the patient does not seem to respond to your solicitations, you have certain absolute certainties. In fact, you are talking to a specific, extraordinary feature of the gene set of proteins present in the stem cells dispersed in the central nervous system and that is to perform physiologically, exercise the function of picking up the signals from the outside and re-pick them up into the cell genes. Even if the Alzheimer’s patient seems to be deaf or amnesic in some moments, there is always someone or something in him that is listening to you … so do not be discouraged, always insist and you will win. As Lazarus who rises from the dead,  the patient will rise from the dead again, relive in new synaptic pathways activating the regeneration of the central nervous system and remember that this resurrection of neuronal activity of the central nervous system occurs because the proteins, those which pick up external signals, those which listen to you, not only induce stem cells to differentiate and specialize but also induce the cell itself to pick up the external signals and to respond to these signals. You are leading, in the reactivation and reorganization of neuronal communications, to the establishment of new synaptic pathways in the central nervous system, thanks to my doctrine school of induction therapy in synaptogenesis.



(Seventh passage)

first therapeutic intervention


The blocking of toxic insults into the central nervous system and/or the increase in dopamine production, the ventral tegmental area, deep brain area.



After observing the damage of the disease, as a first act look for hidden truths in the patient, those who have hurt and above all continuously humiliated his superego. The nervous system puts into effect a reduction of the production of dopamine and it emits “toxic insults”. At this point the stem cells that are dispersed in the adult brain naturally go to the deficit area and during this rescue the stem cells are transformed into neuron cells to replace the dead neurons. But even these stem cells become neurons are poisoned and die because the central nervous system continues to emit “toxic insults”. Nerve cells, neurons are infected by toxic insults that produce an increase in beta amyloid, the protein that accumulates in the Alzheimer’s disease to form the characteristic plates. Beta amyloids are not the cause of Alzheimer’s disease but are the result of accumulation of toxic agents. This is the central point of the strategic therapeutic intervention of activation by induction in synaptogenesis. It is at this precise moment that the intimacy of transformation, doctrine and scientific protocol is needed: The reconstruction and recovery of the central nervous system passes through the blocking of the emissions of toxic insults.


endogenous dopamine and endorphin of autogenous physiological production of the central nervous system (ventral tegmental area) in the building of “new synaptic pathways”.


By building new bridges of new endogenous neurons.


We must, precisely by the overthrow of biochemical supplies of natural endogenous emanations, i.e. dopamine and endorphins, no more toxic poisons and insults, generate, with our words and expressions of psycho-energetic-neurobiological super-ego strength (activation of the patient’s superego drive), the beneficial neuronal activation, that is the dopamine and endorphin connected to those emotional states of profound, abysmal pleasures, of healing power of the instinct that the patient (but every being human in this physiology) absolutely needs. The need met opens up the enjoyment which activates, by univocal immediate convergence between humoral factors, dopamine, superego. The more the patient enjoys these pleasures of the superego, the more the basic principles of reconstruction of new synaptic pathways are created, built by new bridges of new endogenous neurons.


Chapter 12 (twelfth passage)


The recovery of the appropriation of the superego will keep the patient away from the afflictive, degenerative experience of humiliation and his previous shown annihilation. Through an adequate friendly conversation we can create, from the abysmal intimacy of instinct, the success of the correct behavioural recovery of the patient with Alzheimer’s disease. If through the instinctual confession of suffering the capture of one’s desperation is satisfied, where the humiliation of the self has generated the origin of the malaise that has turned into devastating neurological disease, we can ward off this cursed evil by overthrowing in it, by counter-order of neuronal genesis (ie dopamine instead of toxic insults) molecular mechanisms of regenerative activation of the central nervous system. It is important to understand the inner process which, as it hurts the patient’s soul, affects him not only in what he had believed but depresses the whole conformation of the utilization of the physiological nervous conduction and condition of the central nervous system. When the brain of an elderly person perceives the humiliation of the self, which is physiologically in the invisible depths of the superego, it affects profoundly and radically not only the pride but the same neurobiological structure that underlies the conduction of nervous impulses. Every action that makes him suffering in the ego, finalizes his neuronal degenerative path through his ascertained presence of emission of deadly toxic insults, which affect the regulation of neurological interactions. The positive or negative energy, that is the well-being or malaise of the psychic substance, describes its stays in the inner life of the neuronal histopathological absorption. The literature already informs us that a world split from one’s emotional is symptomatic of schizophrenia. The punishment that underlies the humiliation and frustration of one’s self in people over seventy can therefore be interpreted on the parallel tracks of the dissolution of dopaminergic neurons, and, above all, terrifyingly worse, in the self-emission of chemical poisons by the central nervous system itself. Since the over-seventy-year-old person has been betrayed, his innermost self has been humiliated and since the concept of one’s personality has been deceived, a reaction takes place. From the histopathological point of view it is observed that the local processes of motoneuronal maintenance of synaprogenesis, neurogenesis, become inflamed. From a histopathological point of view it is observed that the local processes of motoneuronal maintenance of synaptogenesis, neurogenesis, become inflamed. Thus, at the endogenous level, a dramatic, devastating and terrifying transformation of the quality of the neuronal inputs occurs, resulting in a pathology of neurodegeneration, synaptic neuro-devastation in the central neuronal system. The consequent loss, at the end of the process, of cognitive functions shows us the terrifying, destructive inexorability of the route of the toxic energy generated by the humiliation of the psychic activity of the Alzheimer’s patient, where the ego and the self have maintained the order of neurobiological functioning for so many years. The therapeutic treatment of Alzheimer’s must give the patient a hope;  it is there that the therapeutic language must release, after it has obsessively solicited them, natural dopamine and neurotrophin of endogenous production, ventral tegmental area. They activate the neurosynaptogenesis processes.  On the basis of the causality of degeneration and impairment of the correct functioning of the central nervous system, we correspond the therapeutic cure to the instinctual need of the patient’s superego, by acting in the  the hope sustained by the universe of indicators of positive therapeutic attitudes. We free the patient from the devastating psychoneurobiological nihilism. Our modality of intervention and cure will be able to determine, with manipulation by induction of positive relapse, the new inner creation of the central nervous system, with the construction of new synaptic pathways in the central nervous system. In order to cope with the degeneration of the central neuronal system, therapeutic treatment must make the patient see a different and exhaustive recovery of the self. By eliciting the positive psychological reaction, the patient is watchful and, from a scientific point of view, a tendency towards recovery and preservation of the memory trace is found. It bypasses the destruction of the dead nerve centres in the pathogenesis. Instead, effective self-regenerations of new neurofilaments are recovered, which build new bridges of new endogenous neurons. By increasing the growth and maintenance of adult stem cells in the central neuronal system, it is possible to determine the new structure of neurotransmitter synaptogenesis, which carries molecules essential for functional maintenance of the axon. Deepening the theme of therapy, is the Alzheimer’s patient who chooses his wishes. They are essential needs. His confessed fantasies break down loneliness and sickness. He is recreated in a fictitious life. His care lives in it. Only in them (fantasies and needs) and “naturally” there is the antidote to the disease that affects him. The approach is therefore structured on the basis of emotionality, on humoral factors and particularly on the instinctual (unconscious and / or conscious) desire that the patient feels. In recalling the sense of the missing but unconsciously desired self, the chronic degenerative character of the pathology, intended in the recovery of the lost neurological functions, is defused. This gives an unpredictable turn to the contribution of the psychology of superego enjoyment in the consequence of therapeutic and clinical treatments. A priori we must know that there is a communication, an energetic communication, a participation of natural dopamine of endogenous production (ventral tegmental area, deep brain area), and neurotrophins. They process and conduct the nervous filaments in their own and specialized functions of specific tissues, capable of responding to these signals. The natural dopamine of the central nervous system and the neurotrophins, obtained by autogenesis stimulated by the humoral factors of excitement of the superego, maintain this ability to develop; in the initial stages they are similar to embryogenesis. Nothing prevents us from proceeding in this direction, indeed it is precisely the knowledge of the origin of the central nervous system that is essential to elaborate the therapeutic strategies of induction in synaptogenesis, offering the chemical and therapeutic action the certainty that the possible connections emotional excitations of the superego are in themselves sufficient to determine the neurological self-renewal of the central nervous system.



Chapter 13 (Thirteenth passage)



By building new bridges of new endogenous neurons.


The energetic laws of neuronal self-renewal


My studies on patients have shown me that my technique has had the power to stimulate the constructive self-renewal of a new and renewed neuronal tissue, of new synaptic pathways that adopts and performs the same structural and biochemical characteristics of dopamine neurons damaged in the central nervous system, degenerates due to reduction of dopamine production and / or dopamine depletion or due to exposure to strong, constant, obsessive toxic insults. We have penetrated both in the pathological characteristic of the disease and in the progression and formation of a substitutive and alternative neuronal system in the traits or in the most serious cases of the pathology, precisely in the new physiology of the central nervous system which carries out the recovery and proper organization of the neurotransmitters, resuming and restoring the functions of the central nervous system. With the victory of the patient’s ego (through his highest degree of symbolic idealization of the self), he himself found the neuronal motor resurrection and new representation. Immediately blocking degenerative factors (toxic insults) that enter the life of neuronal cells by destroying and killing them, must then be the immediate clinical therapy that must preserve us from such serious, disabling pathological symptoms. And since we know that our own destination of the character of the central nervous system has us, we can regulate it, by stimulating and elaborating the hidden vitality in the natural dopamine of the central nervous system and in the neurotrophins, with the only “positive” words drawing on to the patient’s instinctual abysmal desires and needs, we can carry on the neural reconstructive design that resonates only in one’s autobiography. We now have the crucial scientific and doctrinal tools to bring the central nervous system back into function by induction in synaptogenesis. Having betrayed his needs led the central nervous system to collapse.



Chapter 24 (Fourteenth passage)


The soul of the superego and / or the soul of the  depersonalization of the superego.


in the new victorious crossing frontier.


I discovered the source cause of Alzheimer’s disease.


I discovered, by logic of induction, the cure for Alzheimer’s disease.


I discovered the scientific modality for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.


The ego rests on an underlying factor, the soul. This underlining allows the logical implication of the therapy. The primary significance of relationship is found in the unconscious abysses where the sources of the ego not only suffer and / or enjoy but above all manifest themselves in life or death, in health or illness. In the Alzheimer’s disease, that is the humiliation of self, the soul of the ego is in depersonalization but, next to the emptying of the real ego, the primordial operation of the conscience remains intact. The soul of the ego always contains the a priori of its own source of existence, its moods, its genic impulses of extreme lives of the psyche and from which consciousness emerges. Science shows us that the psyche is not in human being but the human being is in the psyche. Knowing where to look for teaches us how to search for. Restoring life to the images of the need and the abyssal unconscious desire allows to discover the therapy in a cold, empty, grey, indefinite patient’s world. Imagination is soul. The image of desires and / or necessary need is the psyche. The vivification of images leads to psychological faith, that is, it makes the patient aware of having a personality. The captured personified image restores the sense of the absolute pulsing of the ego and the superego in the affirmations of its conduction. The therapeutic function moves from the image to the content, from the sensibilities of the immediacy of the fantasies to the psycho-neurobiology of meaning. By recomposing the soul of the self, we integrate with the conscience the functionality of the contents of neurological characterization projected into the secret interiorizations of goals crossed by the energy of the unified psyche to the torments of the unconscious collected in the healing avenues of human existence. There, the sources of health and / or disease are unearthed in the processes of unveiling the characterizations. The histopathological characteristics of neurofilaments of the central nervous system aggregate the gene compositions for the necessary maintenance and / or reconstruction of molecular transport of neuroprotective properties involved in the processes of neuro-development and neuro-degeneration (Nguyen et al., 2001).



The treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease beyond the laws of ethics and deontology.


In the chemical-therapeutic practice I have left, even stimulated my patients, my Alzheimer’s patients to tyrannize in their exposures of requests, their unconscious instinctive wishes, needs recalled, collected and activated in carrying out the exercise. It is their arrows that, in medical care above all, never have the poisons of aberration. The “worst” of existence in ethical philosophy may be the “best” of therapy. There is no cure and prevention, and science is the mother of logic, ethical and deontological protagonists to overwhelm what nature itself examines in the constitutive phenomenology of its physiological universe. We must not wait for the coming of new popes, new ethics, new access to their indispensable rights of the patient in order to get out of the prisons of pain and, above all, the causes that determine it. Scientific research in the fight against suffering and pain can not be the first victim of those who want to place limits on freedom of conscience, freedom of knowledge. Scientific freedom must save man in order not to make him rot before he dies. All we, obsessive researchers and scholars, only care about  distinguishing the true from the false, to free mankind from suffering and pain.



(s tem ogromno odkril, zgoraj je pokazala “, legendarni vizionar Dr.ANGELO PUZ, se imenuje” za NOBELOVO nagrado)




 Spoštovanje in priznanje moja pokojna mama v Italiji. Daleč od svojega domačih F.N.R.JUGOSLAVIJA, HRVATSKA Hrvaška zemljišča

Zdravnik največ


Dr. ANGELO PUZ zdravnik največ

Življenje, ki so se borili proti človeškega trpljenja in socialne nepravičnosti

Znaki čustev, videl na možgane


To je prvo delo, na ravni doktrinarne, zato da activate notranjosti osrednjega živčevja, prisotnost dejau dokazuje “izvornih celic odraslih cerveu.
skozi tehniko indukcije, v synaptogenes theraupetique

ALZHEIMERJEVA bolezen delovni zvezek, ki spremljajo bolezen


Fotografije z Todd Heisler-sinhs oddajah Alzheimerjeve bolezni v več napreden primeru.
Vse pravice pridržane. Noben del tega pubblication lahko razmnožujejo ali prenašajo v kakršni koli obliki, na kakršenkoli način, elektronski ali mehanski, vključno z fotokopijo, snemanje, ali shranjevanje podatkov ali pridobivanje sistem, brez pisnega dovoljenja avtorja.
Bi poslali zahtevo za dovoljenje za izdelavo kopije katerega koli dela dela:


Nove možnosti za raziskave, zdravljenje, preprečevanje, regenerativni mehanizmi aktivacije centralnega živčnega sistema

Kanado, Montreal, September 2010
Opozorilo bralcem

Želim si, da opozori ljudi, raziskovalne ustanove ali institucije, ki so specializirane za “znanja” etiologique bolezni Alzhaimer od te strani, ki bo poslan na zahtevo in brezplačno, prostovoljno, velikodušno donacijo za razumeti moje terapevtske poti. Predstavljajo natančno besedilo, zelo natančen Povzetek, dolgo, naporno in drago seveda znanstvenih raziskav.

Proizvajajo za 10 let (zdaj 20 let) dela po vsem svetu z mojo specializiranih, multidiscplinaire ekipo moških znanosti, sodelavci, accadémiciens.

Operacija “abstraktne” Režija mi tudi značilna zaradi enostavnosti razlaga. Vse to je za spodbujanje in lažje takojšnjo in “interpretativne branje” koncepti sistema certe temelji svoj prvi znanstveni in terapevtske. Prvotni akademskega dela je težje zaradi globoko doktrinarnih načelih semantični clynique razumevanje.

Vendar v to “Povzetek” ki je projekcija svoj kognitivni proces, moje razmišljanje za nego in preprečevanje bolezni Alzhaimer je tako v primerjavi z native poskus psiho-biologija.

Ker, zelo skrbno sem prilagodil glavnih vprašanj, ocen in odgovor od mene in moje skupine znanstvenik raziskane in prevedena v procesnih in analitične kompleksnost kot:

Zastavlja vprašanja

Natančno opredeljuje izrazi in pojmi in precisaly

Pregleda razpoložljivih dokazov

Predpostavke in pristranskost analize

Izogibajte se poenostavljanje

Definira in obravnava čustveno obrazložitev

Meni drugačne razlage

Dopušča negotovosti, ko ni dokončen dokaz

Na naslednjih straneh boste našli odgovore.

To ima posledice v realnem svetu.



Ne da bi preveč ostajal s semantično circumlocution za najbolj nerazumljivo ljudi, sem pokazal od začetka močno characterizations izvornih celic razpršene v naš centralni živčni sistem, na kaj pomeni moj nov pogled na zdravljenje “Alzheimerjeve bolezni”
Ki je nove perspektive, celo na ravni preprečevanja bolezni
Ker so strateški osrednjost moja šola Terapeutique, želim takoj opozoriti na pomembno novih znanstvenih spoznanj, ki opredeljujejo značilnosti.


(1) matične celice so prisotne in so razpršili v naši možgani adulte (Gace, 2002, sur les vertébrés et Goldman, 2003, sur l’etre humain)
(2) te matične celice prisotna v naših CNS lahko ustvarjajo specializirane nevronov dopaminoenergetiques celice, ki imajo iste funkcije nevronov
(3) opravlja na način, nevronske diferenciacije “specializiranih” dopaminoenergetique, oni so “naslov” območju poškodovanih živčnih “premagati” funkcije tkanine
ki pripadajo nevronov “smrt”, žrtve bolezni Alzheimerjevo
(4) več razloga, fantastično, izredno karakterizacija genske področju izvornih celic (izvornih celic) je tudi beljakovine, prisotni, uveljavljanje in imajo funkcijo za zajemanje signalov od zunaj
(5) beljakovine, ki zajema to vlogo, rastejo celice za razlikovanje, ampak kot rastejo na isto celico, da se odzove na take signale.

To so “zakoni”narava”delovanje živčnega sistema, ki je osrednjega pomena za človeška bitja.

Doslej so razsvetljeni vlogo nevronov exicitation super-ego, ki odpre naravno endogenega proizvodnjo DOPAMINA. KI JIH NAJGLOBLJE OBMOČJU MOŽGANOV, VENTRALNI TEGMENTAL OBMOČJE.

Bistveno vlogo ponižanja super-ego, povzroča uničujoče strupenih napadov v nastanek Alzheimerjeve bolezni.
Sem rabil, da “narava” mi je dal za “samozdravljenja” nevronov funkcionalnosti, zgraditi svoj terapevtske prakse preprečevanja z uporabo “zakoni kompenzacijskih neurogenetics” zdravljenje
Imenovan z mano in mojim kolegom Studiozan: “indution v synaptogenesis” tehnika
O primerjava jezikov načrt strinjam z globoko hvaležnost doktrinarnih znanstvenih opazovanj in demonstracije dveh kolegov, prof. H. e MIZOGUCHI MACHIKO MATSUMOTO Health Science University of Hokkaido, ISHIKARI, ki je skupaj z drugimi dva prof. e KIGUCHI H. NAGASE, nato njihove intervencije na mednarodnih seminarjih v nevroznanost so napredovale “znanstveni reinterpretacijo” neposredno po moje usmerjenost in moj direktive.
S teh znanstvenih prispevkov – za zdaj – moje terapevtske šole je bil realiziran prvi bistveno zagon v znanstvenih skupne memes, ki gorivo uspeh na to tako imenovani “insoignabilite” Alzheimerjeve bolezni



Vse oblike življenja v svoje genetske in/ali morfoloških funkcija je povezana z posebne ugodnosti prilagoditev.
Tudi v laboratorijih smo zdaj potrditev tega.

Od 21 let testov “Escerica coll” bakterije, ki rastejo v
na Univerzi v Michiganu, so proizvedli več kot dvajset tisoč generacij, 41 mutacije.

To je pogoj za prilagoditev. Mehanizem prilagajanja so funkcionalne zahteve varstva.

Ta pojav, ki je vez med prilagajanjem
in zahteve varstva, opaziti Yokoyama in njegovi kolegi primerjavi med “lepidopus ficthi” ali ribe meč, ki je riba iz globin, iz območja drugih rib.

Mutacije, ki povzročajo občutljivost za modro barvo, to se je zgodilo, ker – v verige aminokislin je EVOLUCIJSKO izgubil molekule (86me) eden od proteinov vključenih v funkcijo da pogled.

Med “Time” in “Prostor” tudi lecerveau, videti svetlobo, s to dimenzijo ustvarjalnih dejavnosti, ki ponavadi in generično je Koncipiran z imenom “Narava”

Ki so pridobile znanstveno spoznavanja-Limited patološko filozofijo-“način možganov”, v njegovo karakterizacijo endogeni, velja dve neprimerljivi, fantastično utrip autoattributive Genesis.
Ki v osrednji prisile “vaja”-celo temelji, nadaljuje, je razvit, da stanje presega kvantne veljavnosti “pravo vrednost” in “pravo preživetje”.

Za preverjanje teh biološki vidik “mirovnih” e “prekoračitev”-c “je v bistvu”transformism in evolutionism”- preprosto opazovati v vseh Anthropologieles grozno autoevolutions človeštva muzej, izpostavljena v na sobe muzeja.

Kot več časovno nahaja photograms, zdaj smo že pred naše oči samo od lobanje spectrals v grozljiv igre sestava človekove dejavnosti neposredno tragično samote kot evolucijski

“Zadaj” obrazi mrtvih, ne samo ni bilo ljudi, ki zdaj pusto svoje okno metatemporale “motijo” potomstvo, temveč nad vse, kar je izredno vir za “Povečava” in svetuje globlje in dejanski organizaciji znanstvenega razmišljanja na osnovi predpostavk indukcijsko pyicobiologique na življenjske energije.


V milijarde let odgovor néuroistocompositive predvsem demandée(step-to-step) nobena oblika življenja na planetu, je ustvaril in sestavljajo – v ti isto – saj, instrumentalne nevrološki strukturi dosežek svoje isto funkcijo zahtevo.

V polju dejanje, skozi preoblikovanje “specializirane celice” cikel ellesse so odprti za življenje, sestavljen iz črke različne tkanine, vključenih v diferenciaciji.

To “zunanja oblika” je čisto vseh vrst, vključno s človeške rase.

Vendar v teh del “sami gradnji”, “DS” in “samo-preseganje” je ne le sila nenehno z ti aktiviranjema živeti.

Globalne raziskave in literaturo že opazili, da vsako posebno tkivo ima svinec in predstavil vase tudi Mobitel-enostavno in rafinirani pritožbe in odloži – zaposlovanje v aktivno specifičnost in configurative usmeritev je poziv in sposobnost, da “branijo” življenje tkanine.

V differentiative isto izvornih celic potencialnost je pluripuissantes, multipuissantes, unipuissantes, “preveriti prisotnost skupine celic, razpršeni v sistemu (S.N.C.) centralni živčni” ne samo ploda pa “tudi” odraslih (GACE, 2002, Goldman 2003 vretenčarjev, na človeka) in da endogenement so sposobna ustvariti določeno pot diferenciacije dogodka, postane razpotju, dobesedno svoj centraliteensemble, da je Studiozan in raziskovalec, ki vroče podpirajo in sodelujejo v projektu orientationde moje iskanje.

Išči dessendue dramatične in peklensko Alzheimerjevo grozno scenarij za izterjavo možganske funkcije, skozi terapevtska zdravljenja indukcije v synaptogenesis.

S posebno tehniko “psyco neuroimaging Dosađivanje” znaki”čustev” ne samo so bili pred kratkim opazili na možgane pa še posebej so aktivirali mehanizmi regeneracije osrednjega živčnega sistema.

Z mano uporablja, izkoriščajo in priporočil za zdravljenje “indukcije v synaptogenesis”.

Eden od mojih kolegov, Bob pomočjo, svetovno znane, početje raziskave in študije v evropskiravnidelujejo angiogeneze. Kar pomeni, da je nastajanje novih krvnih žil iz že obstoječih žil. Ta tehnika je bila Basilar za kanadski dott. James Perry, polmer Neurology Sumybrook zdravstvenem centru znanosti v Toronto, in uporablja za zdravljenje raka možganov v gliobastome bolnih, najpametnejši raka med neoplazija od je celic glije celic obrazec skupaj za na živčni sistem nevronov

In tudi v Italiji prof. Massimo Lombardi želela s je oglaševanje vstavite ki traja celotno stran v časopisu “Repubblica, 10/25/2010″activation izvornih celic autorégénérative medicine sodobne tehnike”v očesna uporabo

Zdaj zdi mi zelo jasno, da vse najboljše raziskovalce na svetu so zdaj sprejema veljavnost moj usmerjenost “Protokol” indukcije v synaptogenesis, za njih postal referenčna aktivirati izvornih celic. In da sem (z mojo ekipo) I, prvi na svetu, doživeli in oddaja v praksi in v literaturi.

Še vedno čakam, da nekdo med njimi reči, kje je dobil idejo…

“V svoj doktrinarnih šola terapevtska metoda za zdravljenje Alzheimerjeve in tudi glede teze, da bi to preprečili, videl sem prihajajo na površje na Nepovrijeđen zemljišč proces in psiho-biološko usmerjene in uspešnega uvajanja v je” zavedanje “bolne preprostega razloga, imajo neposredno dajo v zvezi z jezik zakonov, ki urejajo človeške narave, ki je nemiren super-ego.

Človeška narava razburjen z etiko, z halucinacije nerešenih trpljenje sebe, dojema in priznana le na začetku isti bolnik, ki je še vedno v polnost jaza.

In pri nas znanstveniki opazili v manifestacije nevro-bioloških propad.

Zlasti pa opazil v postopnih izboljšav skozi cilj in bolnik (je dirais obsédant dans sa spécificité réitérative) zdravljenje šola psiho-bioloških, introduitegrace napredek kognitivne identitete regres zaporedje, na osnovi riappropriation sposobnost mišljenja.




Magnetna resonanca neuroimages označite grozljiv patologija, bolezni Alzhaimer.

Ni mogoče odstraniti “plošče” vse strategije za raziskave in trenutno še vedno zavirajo znanost impotenca in zapis na literaturo o bolezni Alzhaimer, dramatično besedo “neozdravljive”.

Po vsem svetu, znanstvenih, zelo sorodnih inštitutov in odprt in operativni raziskovalnih laboratorijev po vsem svetu, prizadevanja za razumevanje in rešitev bolezni pridejo merjena s tradicionalno ocenjevanje merilo: “ne” “izboljšanje in ne zmanjšanje” iz celotnega dovoljenega ulova, ki kaže, da debelino in površino patoloških poškodb, nič ne spremeni, tudi prizadevanja raziskovalcev rezultatov posledice skoraj. Spali v pepelu stečajnega postopka preiskave”.

Ta priori absolutizem, ki določa preiskave in usmerjenost terapijo, še posebej, če se nahaja znotraj je nenavadno logiko potek raziskave in študije, lahko dotik konice dogmatične katalogizacijo. V “razumevanje” je napaka. Še posebej, če pogledaš na poskus, kot pogoj za razvoj morajo globalno vizijo bolj razširiti na nove… znanja lahko rodijo kot eden od tečajev preiskave “anomale”, še posebej med moškimi znanosti in raziskovalci “Pod morsko gladino”.

Vse o tej obliki med načeli navade in občutljivost tudi Ferenczi je preprosto nastavite vsak prevzem sadove le tradicionalne kulturne konzervativnosti – ki je bil v vseh “kulturo” planet – z sarkazem in ironijo: patologija analitske družbe

Pravi obraz moje raziskave in opredelitve moje terapevtske šole nego in preprečevanje bolezni o Alzhaimer v kontinuiteto s koncepti Ferenczi – ima pravico, da del šol, ki povezujejo preiskave za njeno rešitev.

Alzheimerjeva bolezen sem ozdravljen.

Bolezen sem opozorilo.






Osrednja točka moje metodoloških nego in preprečevanje zdravljenje je najprej mi – dobro v nastanek degenerativnih psihopatologije “napadla” je bolezen živčnega sistema – sem delovanje z usmerjanjem moj svetovnih in večnacionalne skupine moških znanosti in raziskovalcev v razvoju “prostor opozicije” za nastanek “patologija strupenih napadov” memeepouvantable, zaradi kognitivnega poslabšanja.

Z drugimi besedami da degenerativne patologijo na centralni živčni sistem, žrtev Alzheimerjevo, uteleša “strupenih napadov” destruktivno pot spodbujam tečaj za izterjavo s Dynamics mnestique skrbi, da niso običajne, vendar neposredno zgleduje zahteva za rekreacijo INSTINKTIVNA super-ego, nahaja v prejetih synaptogenesee, ki jih indukcijo, “Pozitivne” HUMERAL dejavniki.

Obnovo in prestrukturiranje pravilno prevajanje živčnih impulzov duS.N.V (système nerveux centralne) pridejo skozi stimulacijo energijo nevrotransmiterjev embryonaux kjer mi sledim novo neurofilament, še ena čas skozi “izvornih celic prisotne in razpršene v odraslih možganov”. In da Gage, 2002 in Goldman, 2003 opazili prvič.

Doktrinarnih smeri svoj strateški proces traja kompenzacijskih proces Neurogeneza ime.



Tam je vrhovni spoznanje, da bi večje dokaze za študij raziskovalcev.

Kot je že dokazano v literaturi o poskusih na podganah “izvornih celic S.N.C., še posebej endommagées (il a été observé dans la območje dele de turnejo dentelé et dans celle subventriculaire) območja, ki so si glave na območju” “poškodovana in se razlikujejo v dopaminergičnih nevronov”.

To potrdili literature. In ona je ustavil tukaj

Na podlagi mojih izkušenj, študije in raziskave, nego in preprečevanje, ampak logika, ki je hkrati in neposredno ob vznožju vzročne consequencialite (IE, če je škoda na območju CNS (, izvornih celic, ne le naslovom poškodovanih področjih, ampak tudi ona diferencirajo v dopominergiques nevronov) s to logiko je treba razumeti delovanje možnost bolezni lzhaimer rešitev.

Res, prav tako se z metaforo. To je kot gledal dramatične prizor, kjer otrok zdrsi v vodah meša reka in pomočnika izliva v razburkano, da bi ga rešil, ampak on je utonil in umrl. Ponujamo točno isto dinamiko izvornih celic (razlikovanje v dopaminergičnih nevronov) teče za reševanje nevronov S.N.C. bolnika območje. In tukaj na tem področju zastrupljena strupenih napadov umrejo. Je nevronov primanjkljaj in patologijo, ne samo volje ne ustavi, ampak se razteza.

Ali še en primer, ki predstavlja tudi staminalnih celicah naslov polje bolan nevronov nadomestiti “zažgejo” nevroni, so isti differenciant v neuronsdopaminergiques, Predstavljajte si gasilci, ki teče proti debele lesa v plamen za reševanje in gašenje vendar ki obkrožen z ognjem, ki umrejo spali.

Isto usodo, s smrtnim izidom se zgodi, da celice izhajajo pomočnice (in v takih dajatev, ponavljam, se diferencirajo v dopaminergičnih nevronov, nadomestiti na območju poškodovane, bolne nevronov, ki ne delujejo zaradi gibljejo od) Alzhaimer bolezni.










Ampak, če smo se bomo ustavili na vir strupenih napadov (tj kaj – za sistem zanima neuronique – zla – estinsupportable pycologique od osebe, ki se žrtev bolezni Alzhaimer, strupenih napadov so se) posledice) z nadzorom preobrat je ustavil metastaz (IE s neurotrophin in dopamines divje ne farmakologija programi ampak ekstazo in “nagrade” skrivnost “potrebe” bolnika), je izvornih celic, ki se razlikuje v dopaminergičnih nevronov bo nadomestil bolne celice in recomencera S.N.C. nevronov tkiva funkcijo običajno ne da bi zastrupili, ubit v polje bolan, da ne bo dal v prometa v S.N.C. strupenih napadov ampak dopamina in endorfinov.










Dimenzije endogenega odziva ustvarjalne dejavnosti v službi celjenje tkiva in biološka organov, poškodovane ali bolne – ocenjena z vrednostjo različnih echellesde primanjkljajev – razvil eksogeno uporabo je Farmakologija, presaditev, ali – če je možno zakonodajnega – je mellia presaditve matičnih celic.

Ampak za tisto, kar zadeva zlasti vse patologijo živčnega sistema (Alzheimerjeva, Parkinsonova in ALS) farmakologija kljub velikim prizadevanjem za raziskave do sedaj ni uspelo zdraviti in uničiti poslabšanja pa tudi ne zagotoviti Direktive kognitivne zaposlovanja za preprečevanje poskusov.

Iz te ugotovitve postane še očitnejši uničujoče zavest trenutno nezmožnosti rešitve za peklensko Alzhaimer bolezni.

Vendar če – potrebe mellia usmeritve in logična alternative-ondepasse pot farmakoloških konstrukcijami, ki razkrivajo če omogočajo nepotrebno, neustrezno, sedanji književnost dostop do “Direktiva”, ki že opravičujejo dno etiolologique-moja “vizijo” karakterizacijo in izraz kurativne in preventivne.

Logika ni mogoče prezreti v svoji generaciji ustanovah predvsem lesengendrement, lahko povem, da preiskave na “autoréparations” v “naravi” z izvornimi celicami, Björklund bodisi Lindvall, 2000, potrdila, da teh popravilo mehanizmov prisotna tudi pri ljudeh zagotoviti “rezultatov, ki se zdi, da obljuba zelo dobro”.

Nam daje močnejši kognitivne moč, imamo na voljo kot turbine, ki se hrani iz “zunaj”, pravoslavnih znanja – vse vnaprej sklenjen, močan, sledljivost scientifiqueconvergeante ki skupaj v analitske renversabilité. Podobno močno podpira velikih kamnov moj preverjene seveda terapevtski uspeh. Ki se izvede v dveh oblikah prehoda: nege in preventive.



Tam je peptid, alfa(TGF-a) rastnega faktorja, ki sodeluje v procesu popravila različnih organov.

V eksperimentiranje na (podgane), povečuje količino TGF razporeditve celic je ugotovljeno, da je “TGF – poveča širjenje izvornih celic, ko jo vbrizga v možganih” (Fallon in druge skupine, 2000).

Vedno v smislu kognitivnih soutenabilitee direktive, ki je portatrice od logično-znanstveni reconnaissements, ki potrjuje vrednost moje šole esej pri obnovi in preprečevanje primanjkljajev žrtev bolezni S.N.C, alzhaimer, (samo graft jih v indukcija veridification)

Sem pokazala še eno, izjemoma eclairsissante karakterizacija, ki je še enkrat merilo in potrjevanje tega analitične paradigme in epistemiologique.

Podgane, ki so bolni z mehanskim degenerativne poškodovano živčevje ugotavlja, da “matične celice potujejo v poškodovanih področjih in se bo razlikovanje v nevronov dopaminoenergetique” medtem ko zdravi z podgane injiciranje TGF – a se rastni faktor peptid, ki posreduje v metodi za popravilo različnih organov, opazimo, da je po nekaj dneh, širjenje izvornih celic je ustavil…

Po logični izjavi, praksi to pomeni, da izvornih celic ustaviti, “gredo z uporabo tkiv, katerega del so.

Razložiti vse, kar je z metaforo, to je kot auto reševanje, ki je prisiljen zapustiti za callfrom pomoč, vendar potem preverjanje z zdravjem, ki ni pomagal, se vrne v svoj kraj “dosegla za drugo pomoč takojšnje”.

Zato je zelo pomembno, da vedo v mozaik sestave – proces celice “naravno”, “olajšanja”, ker – je “vzporedno predelave funkcije, izgubljeni zaradi nigro-striatale” (Fallon et d’autres, 2000) škode.

“Te pripombe, doktrina, sestavina procesa” NEUROGENIC kompenzacijskih”kot šola Ardvidsson, 2002, je povedal”tak proces celice”sedež zaradi poškodbe isquemiques in/ali druge vrste in ki že obstajajo” v Zamenjava Hipokampusa nevronov, “poudarili v nesrečah z Nakatoni 2002.



Dimenzije psico-nevro-bio-energije ustvarjanja v “naravi”, je dosegel smislu svoje sledi in njegov reperebilite v funkcijo prostora. Tako dobro in zlo. Je v dobro – da ali v stiski.

Matične celice – v vseh nalog in specifičnosti delovanja, so enako veljajo “pravo vrednost”.

Let’s upoštevati v centralni fenomenologije, ki jih povezana z humeraux dejavniki.

Izvornih celic so klimatizirane v njihovi premiki z humeraux dejavniki, ki je nepovratno.

Vendar znanstveni nadzor mora pridobiti razumevanje endogenique – exogenique, ki ustreza odnos humeral dejavnikov, ki se gibljejo v genetsko ozadje izvornih celic.

Sonce raziskave daje najboljše sadje, ko so bliže nove rešitve, ki predstavljajo nikoli prečkajo poti.

Nas izpostavljen obzorja novega znanja v iz celo že znanih znanstvenih ozemlja.

Eclairons nas na analyizing nalog in resnico in poučevanju novih terapevtskih idej. Svoj narod in to je dejstvo, ki so popolnoma uspeli znanstvene skupnosti.

Poleg peptid TGF – a, rastnega faktorja, ki sodeluje v postopku regeneracije več organov, in ki je odprl pot za razumevanje celični in molekularni mehanizmi kompenzacijskih procesa Neurogeneza, drugega pa znanstveni pridobitev, ki daje pozitiven razsežnost moje terapevtske šole za zdravljenje in preprečevanje Alzheimerjevo.

Stop – smo doktrino, ki se osredotoča svoje raziskave na humeraux dejavniki.

Po TGF, ki Kukn in drugi so odkrili ESPG (epidermalni rastni faktor) e v FGF2 (facteur de življenjskimi 2 de deles de fibroblastes).

Poleg tega v korist avtonomije na ravni načela kurativni in preventivni ustave, Benraiss, 2001, BDNF (Brain njih pridobljenih nevrotrofičnega faktorja), ki ima posebno kakovost operativni indukcijo diferenciacija nevronov ugotovila, da zasedajo, napadel na neostriate.

Še vedno, živca rastni dejavnik (NGF) je prototip je neurotrophin ali živčni rastni faktor in ki – prišel je dejal znanstvene literature – zdi, da niso breme zaposlovanje novih nevronov v encephalic območju neurogeniques.

Vse te funkcije v nevrotrofinov omenil, rad bi jih pritegnejo pozornost je Studiozan, bralci, raziskovalci, ker – v svoj terapevtski šolo za nego in preprečevanje Alzheimerjeve bolezni, v praksi z induktivno poseben opomnik v synaptogenesis, spoznal zaposlovanje, diferenciacija in zamenjaj nevronov, ki so uničeni zaradi Alzheimerjeve bolezni.

Te opomine literature sem dal veliko moč komunikacije na moje komentarje, da dovoli mi, prvi na svetu so premagal grozno, grozno bolezen Alzhaimer.

Pridobitve raziskav že planil v “usmerjenost”, ki daje rešitev.

Ko so v harmoniji z moje usmerjenost, boste nenadoma naučili leteti v conscientisations “depassabilite” “soignabilite” bolezni, je Alzhaimer ki zdaj me I spali in razpršene v pepel, razpršitev veter tragično nevrološki primanjkljaj, in njegovo nesramnost insoignabilite.



Po vseh je znanstveno prostorov, ki so nas pripeljali do tam in po ob določenih splošnih načel, ki so podlaga za moje théraupeutique zdravljenje za zdravljenje in preprečevanje bolezni Alzhaimer, zdaj sem pokazal praxis slediti. Protokola.

Vendar še vedno dal odgovor v nagovarjanje psihično moje terapevtske doktrine, da rip znajde v absolutization bolezni Alzhaimer – želim opozoriti na dva pomembna znanstvene predpostavke

Zapomni si vedno, ko z neomejeno potrpljenja in globoko ljubezen “pomoč” in zdravljenje oseba z boleznijo Alzhaimer, niste sami.

Ne pozabite, da tudi v najte jih primerih bolezni, kjer bolnik zdi, da ne izpolnjuje vaše velike pozornosti in zelo vzburjenost nagovarjanje, imate nekaj absolutno gotovost

Prek površine polne napadov – strupenih in ki ustreza bolezen Alzhaimer ste govorimo, mimogrede “na posebne, izredne značilnost genetske strukture beljakovin v izvornih celic razpršene v centralni živčni sistem, ki je za opravljanje funkcije signale od zunaj”

Tudi če bolnik alzhaimer zdi gluhe ali amnezija za časovno posledice, tam je vedno nekdo ali nekaj v njem, ki je poslušal, da vas…

Zakaj ne boste razočarani ne, še vedno vztrajajo in boste zmagali.

Kot a Lazarus ki vrne v življenje po umira, bolnika tipalke živeti z novice kanalov sinaptični Dahom Regeneracija centralnega živčnega sistema.

In nikoli ne pozabite, da ta revival CNS nevronske aktivnosti je posledice “vloga beljakovin – tisti, ki zajemajo zunanjih signalov, tisti, ki poslušate-“

“ne samo rastejo izvornih celic razlikovati in specializirani, ampak rastejo na isto celico za sprejem zunanjih signalov in odziv na take signale”.

To je samo vprašanje časa. Kot sladka mati čaka da nežno boža njen otrok, ki bodo kmalu ugledali luč življenja, na enak način, si poletja prevoznik na podlagi regeneracijo nevronov komunikacije, costitution novice kanalov sinaptične v na centralni živčni sistem. Hvala za moj doktrinarnih šola terapie indukcije v synaptogenesis



Tisti, ki sedi pred srcem, dušo in še posebej v vašo sposobnost razsvetljeni znanstvenih zdravilec (in ne sorcerer’s vajenec) je oseba, ki hodi v temi paraliziran in ohromljen nevronov, ne bi mogli Distinguisher kanček misli.

Človeško življenje nastane v vseh svojih grozljivih vizije tragično in opozorilo na vse človeške vrste.

Dragi bolan Alzhaimer lahko ali ne boste prepoznali, ampak predvsem pa se ne “spomnim” povezave nevrotransmiterjev, ki omogočajo delovanje možganov

Postane vaš bolnik si predstavljal zanj osnovne zahteve sili izhajajo na vas

Po prevzemu zavest škode iz bolezni, je pokazala z resonanco, magnetno kot prvi ukrep iskat “svoje skrite resnice”

Tisti, ki boli in zlasti tiste, ki so ponižan svojo Super – Ego v absolutno pot, nepreklicna.

In ravno zaradi ponižanja, povzročena na Super Ego sistem živčni centralne je organiziran okoli dobro opredeljena in funkcionalno dinamične strukture psico-bio – kemično ravnotežje

soudainemet, oddaja, ustvarja, izvaja vezje nevronov, lastno strupenih strupov, svoje strupenih napadov

Kot dokazano, znanstveno, preden v ta težava nevronov matičnih celic, ki so razpršene v odraslih možganov naslov “naravno” primanjkljaj območju, območju strupene.

In v značilno “kot backup, sem mi ponovite, so enako diferencirajo v živčnih celic zamenjati zastrupljena nevronov, mrtev.” Ki so odgovorni za bolezen

Ampak kot ti izvornih celic – ponavljam – postane nevronov so zastrupljene, umrejo, saj je SNC še ugotoviti strupenih napadov.

Živčne celice so “okuženih” strupene napade, ki proizvajajo povečanje “beta amyloidXXX”, protein, ki stack tvoriti značilnosti plošče v malaie Alzheimerjevo.

To je osrednja točka strateški terapevtski poseg v activate indukcijo v v synaptogenes

V tistem trenutku je, da je potrebno intimnost preoblikovanja

Področju magnetne privlačnosti, obnovo in prestrukturiranje centralni živčni sistem se šteje kot “prekinitev”, za “zaklepanje” sprostitev strupenih napadov.

Moramo ustaviti biokemija sprostitev strupenih in v izpustu mesto endorfinov, in dopamin hkrati ustvarjajo z našimi besedami, ki krepi Super Ego, “koristne” nevronov activation.

Prepoznamo mora dopamina in endorfina, ki so povezane z globoko čustveno zadovoljstvo članice ekstazija, ki bolnika je

Bolnik bo občutijo “visoko” skozi uživanje njegov Super Ego, bolj bo prikazuje osnovna načela nevronov dogodek, ki predstavljajo “sinaptični poti”.

Moje terapevtske šole oskrbe, z ustanovitvijo nove načine aktivira živčnega prevajanja s humoralni indukcijo “pozitivno ponovitve” – lahko predstavljal v obsegu, ki dejansko ese najdenih znotraj bolnik tudi

Hči v njegov pekel, s težo svojo bolečino, terapevtsko oskrbo parinduction bo šel nazaj in obnoviti svoje razlage native self.

Egoique lastništva izterjavo bo ga vodijo stran od degenerativne bolečo izkušnjo – pokazala, poniževanjem in frustracije.

Skozi glavo seznanjeni ustrezno smo lahko gojiti in ustvariti – intimnosti intimnosti, ki je zelo pomembno za uspeh pravilno recuperationcomportamentale bolan na Alzhaimer.

Skozi izpoved smo lahko skozi njegov obup, je kjer je poniževanje je prinesla izvor zla, ki se spreminja skozi čas v uničujoče nevrološke bolezni, lahko pustimo te preklet bolezni

To je pomembno razumeti osnovne domače poskus vplivajo ranjenih dušo bolnika ne le te varnosti-ki je podlaga priznanje svoje subjektivno – ampak ona je potrt, v agresivno, celotno konformacijo ohranjanje moč njegove bolezni stanje.

“” Ko stara oseba ne zaupamo, še posebej, če “možganov, osebe,”meni”PONIŽANJA Super Ego” smo zadeti globoko, temeljito, ne samo njegov ponos, vendar enako nevrobiološke strukturo, ki podpira na živčni impulz prevodnosti.

To ustvarja degenerativne Fenomenologija, ki je sorazmerna psihičnih potencialne zasidrana v sam.

Posledice devastatoires nevronov fiziologije je toliko bolj resno, kot več predmet je “toga” psihološke strukture, tako da je slika zelo močne sebe.

Vsak ukrep, ki preživlja svoj Ego, povzroča degeneracijo nevronov ki vezje v CNS preverjena prisotnost strupenih napadov.

Prisotnost ki “gen, ki dessechente reden vzajemno delovanje nevrološke”

Pozitivne ali negativne energije, to pomeni, dobro in zlo se psihično, vstopi v življenje znotraj in postopoma je značilna etiologique država dopaminergičnih nevronov, lahko vodijo in degeneracije kakovost živčnega tkiva.

Že literature psycoanalitique – nas obvešča, da Svet ločen od čustvene lastno daje syntome Shizofrenija

Stavek, ki ga poniževanjem in frustracije iz sebe, je oseba starosti vodi za raztapljanje dopaminergičnih nevronov.

Chex oseba, ki je več kot 70 let, ki se počuti izdal, ponižan ji sebe bolj skrite, in konceptov, ki ima osebnost, reakcija je sprožil.

Priliješ istopathologique opozoriti, da metoda maintiennementmotoneuranalede synaptogenesis, Neurogeneza, vname.

Občasno, debla, dramatično, uničujoče, terrifiante preoblikovanje “kakovost imput konča s patologijo nevrodegeneracije, nevronske sinaptični neurodevastation nevronov osrednjega sistema.”

Posledično izgubo-na koncu procesa – kognitivne funkcije nam kaže terrifiante, destruktivni gibanje strupenih napadov, ki jih ponižanje dejavnosti pred vsako psihično (Alzhaimer malde).

Tam, kjer sebe in sebe za nekaj let-pogosto po začetku starost za upokojitev – skandirali in vrstni red nevrobiološke delovanja.

Upanje v bolnika, ki je, kjer mora terapevtski jezik izpust itâ after ob njih prosijo s obsedenost – dopamines in nevrotrofinov dotakniti terapevtskega zdravljenja osebe z Alzheimerjevo boleznijo.

Vključite proces neurosynaptogenese.


Prodira razloge za obup, pridemo do vzročnosti degeneracijo in kompromis pravilno delovanje centralnega živčnega sistema

Prilagajanje zdravljenje za potrebe pacienta, utrpela upanje in terapevtske reakcija “pozitivno”, smo sprostitev na uničujoče nichilisme psychoneurobiologique

S to vrsto zdravljenja bo lahko “manipulirati indukcijo” naše akcije za shranjevanje bolni Alzhaimer, “pozitivne ponovitve” “nova stvaritev”, v centralni živčni sistem.

Zapletenega neuropsychobiologique znanja – bomo, iz njihovega interiority razočaran in ponižan, pipe na lastnosti, prepoznavanje, aktiviranje in reorganizacije nevronov komunikacije.

Sestavina sinaptični poti centralnega živčnega sistema.

Nasprotuje degeneracijo nevronov osrednjega sistema terapevtsko nego mora zagotoviti, da bolnik zmore pogled drugačen, poln regres self.

Iščejo psihološke reakcije “pozitivne” dobimo ne samo kaj bolnik je pozoren pa enega obvestila na znanstvenega vidika – težnja, da regres in ohranjanje mnestique sled.

To “obiti” uničenje živčnih centrov v patogenezi.

So samo z učinkovito substitutivement križ-autorégénérations “vrniti” nove neurofilament.

Te terapevtska oblika, rezultat v bolnik znova psihičnega življenja; ob energijskih sil, bodo del tekočega evolucije nove nevrološke funkcije.

Kurivo rast in vzdrževanje matičnih celic kot odrasle, da “rezerva” osrednji nevronov sistem lahko dostopate do “nove” strukture synaptogenesis neurotransmettitrice strukturiranja.

Prevoz v zabojnikih molekul, ki so bistvenega pomena za funkcionalno ohranjanje na asson.

Za poglobitev osrednji terapevtski praksi, v resnici je Alzheimerjevo bolnika, ki se je odločil svoje želje (tudi in zlasti tiste, ki ne morejo, ne moremo reči).

So potrebe, ki ne more odreči

Bolne in tudi njeno terapevtsko obravnavo

Njegove Izpovedi pripravil svoje faintasie lahko premagati osamljenost in bolezni.

Poustvarja življenje, ki ni pravi.

V tem življenju je zdravljenje.

Le skozi elles(faintasie-exigences) in po naravni poti imamo protistrup proti njegovi bolezni, muke, ki mu.

Čustvene dimenzije, humeral dejavnikov, da dobra ali slaba, energijo impulza na isti phsyologie izbruha bolezni z manifestacije.

Terapevtskega zdravljenja izkaže za obravnavo te bolezni, je treba sestaviti na podlagi emocionalnost, humeral in dejavnikov, zlasti na desir (conscient e/ou inconscient), kako se bolnik počuti.

Ponujajo bolnika, bolnik, “njegova želja” to bomo predvidoma v človeško razsežnost, kjer občutek self živi svoje nevronske projekcijo.

Ob sklicevanju, občutek odsotnosti sebe lahko želel defuses Kronika, degenerativne značaj.

Tako smo dobili nekaj funkcija nevrološke izgubil, daje ni predvidljiv pa, ki prispeva v psihologije ekstazija – Super ego zaradi terapevtskega zdravljenja. In clyniques.

Vnaprej vemo, da je sporočilo, energetsko comunión, debeline sodelovanje aktivno neurotrophin zahtev in obstoj pogojev in potreb.

So razviti in voditi živčni v lastno filamentov in specializiranih funkcij posebne tkiva, sposobna odzivati na take signale. Neurtrophines, pridobljena z autogenesis ohraniti ta sposobnost za razvoj; v svojih zgodnjih fazah spominjajo embriogeneze. Nič nam preprečuje prehajati k tej direktivi, nasprotno, poreklo človeškega znanja je bistvenega pomena za razvoj terapevtske strategije. Dar k dejanjem gotovosti, da čustvene povezave so že zadostne za določitev obnavljanja nevrološke CNS.


Razlogi za vsakršno zdravljenje je explainable z energijo bill.

Prosijo želje, strasti, je treba bolnika, v glavni stvari, sam lahko izziv grozno veljavnosti bolezni Alzhaimer.

Svoj študij na bolnike me je izkazal q “tehnika je moč iskati konstruktivne self obnovo živčnih tkiv, ki ima enake konstrukcijske lastnosti in biochimies nevronov poškodovanih dopamina, sprevrgel propriement zaradi izpostavljenosti močna, konstanta, preganja strupenih napadov.

Ta tehnika je vse semplemant vstopiti patoloških značaj bolnik “dAlzhaimer. Pri njenem tvorjenju in napredovanje nevronov sistema zamenjave in alternatifqui vaja regres in pravilno organisatoins nevrotransmiterjev. Obnavljanje funkcij izgubljenih centralnega živčnega sistema.

Bodisi individuated terapija v neizmernih virov bolnik énergetique(consciente et incosciente).

Sem spoznal, da z zmago Ego bolnika (v najvišjo stopnjo simbolne idealisation idealizacija zahteve Ego, tam Išči mu celo njegov oživljanje in novo predstavitev sebe.) Ki je potekala od bolne. In v njem vidim spet pridruži v sedanjosti, preteklosti in prihodnosti.

Vidim prostranstvih upanje, ki vstopajo v njem in tudi v terapiji

V tem kontekstu lahko rečem q “nekakšen čudež shrani vsakega bolnika (in družine) na svoji preizkušnja.

Torej takoj blokira degenerativne faktor (strupenih napadov) celice nevronov prek takojšnje terapije, ki mora bi se izognili padcem za onemogočanje bolezni syntomatologies.

Z uporabo vitalnosti nevrotrofinov, ki je spodbudilo “pozitivne” besede (ki vnesite potrebe, zahteve in želje bolnika, tako smo pouvonsreconstruir risba nevronov, ki je edinstven, samo k njemu, njegovi) avtobiografija.

Ob razume in (nih) dejavnikov na humeral nam dobrega počutja in narobe, smo na tako captured neviden protagonist – v double-face – človeške komedije.

Je spoznal, kot domišljijo je tako moč nad moških, še posebej na starejše ženske in moški, če to uspe ne dobro peux tam uničiti oseba.

Sprejem te faintasie, te potrebe, te zahteve je moč ponovno pojavil oseba. Je pomlajena in shranite jo od Alzheimerjeve bolezni.

Živčni za njegov navidezni tišini sistem daje močne signale, da bi pritegnili pozornost. Ne razumem jih je znak omejeno, ampak tudi težnjo tradicionalne medicine doktrino za razlago težave, do katere pride z nasiljem, kot portatrice bolezni, uničenje in smrt.

Zdaj zahvaljujoč ta preizkus usmerjenosti terapevtske, imamo instrumenta, da bi centralnega živčnega sistema, njeno delovanje, enostavno se zaveda njegove razsežnosti humoralni.

Odgovor na svoje zahteve. In jih izdali v živčnem sistemu zaradi neke od paralize paralyzing.

V praksi terapevtske sem zapustil, tudi prosim moj pacient govoriti za svobodo

Želi étaitaient svoje puščice, ki je v medicinski praksi niso nikoli grozno.

“Najslabše” obstoja lahko “najboljši” terapije.

On ni pri zdravljenju – in znanosti je mati logike – etično ethiqueset protagonistov, ki presega od iste vrste v ustanovno fenomenologije njegove fiziološke vesolja.

Čakamo na prihod novih papežev, nova etična, od nove voiespour potrjujejo prav neodtujljiva bolnika iz zaporov, bolečine in lavexation bolezni še posebej.

Znanstvene raziskave proti trpljenja ne more biti žrtev tiste, ki želijo dati omejitve na prosto vesti, vedeti Svoboda.

Znanstvene raziskave mora rešiti človeštvo pred to degeneracije, preden je umrl.

Nas raziskovalec in Studiozan ki delajo z obsedenost-nas zanima samo razlikovanje med resnično in neresnično, prostega človeka trpljenje in bolečine.

BRASIL 11 januarja 2018
je prvi odkritelj svetu ugotoviti vzrok za bolezen, zdravljenje Alzheimerjeve bolezni, preprečevanju Alzheimerjeve bolezni. V nobenem trenutku bo ‘ dana na internetu, v francoski, znanstveno protokol.
Zdravnik največ

pu12a pu12b

Znaki čustev, videl na možgane

To je delo najprej v doktrinarnih aktivirati znotraj osrednjega živčevja, že dokazana prisotnost matičnih celic v odraslih možganov

skozi tehniko indukcije, v synaptogenes theraupetique



Fotografije z Todd Heisler – sinhs oddajah Alzheimerjeve bolezni v več napreden primeru.

Bi poslali zahtevo za dovoljenje za izdelavo kopije katerega koli dela dela:




Nove možnosti za raziskave, zdravljenje, preprečevanje, regenerativni mehanizmi aktivacije centralnega živčnega sistema


Kanado, Montreal, September 2010






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